Worst Football Stadium Disasters In History

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Worst Football Tragedies in stadiumsIbrox Stadium Disaster (Glasgow – 1902)
Casualties: 26

The first big tragedy in football world was back in the days when many stadiums were using wooden terrace, and in 1902 when Scotland hosted England for International match one part of wooden tarrece broke and 26 people lost their lives.
Burnden Park Disaster (Bolton – 1946)
Casualties: 33

Total of more than 400 people injured and 33 died in what was at the time biggest stadim tragedy, when Stoke played Bolton Wanderers in Bolton, a massive crowd gather which is believed to be around 85,000 but stadium was not build to take even half of that, so the metal crush barriers broke and 33 people lost their lives.
Estadio Nacional Disaster
Casualties 300

In the international match between Peru vs Argentina, a bad referee decision led to a fan invaded the pitch and chase the referee, police caught the guy and beat him in front of capacity stadium which made the fans even more furious who invaded the pitch in numbers. Police used tear gas and stuff which lead to riots and it got out of control. Which ignite one of the biggest football disaster as more than 300 poeple died in riots.
Ibrox Stadium
Casualties: 66

Another disaster at Rangers home ground back in 1971 when a fan rushed to exit the stadium and fall over which lead to chain of people falling down the stairs and many people got into the mix. A total of 66 people died in what was the biggest stadium disaster in Great Britain at that time.
Luzhniki Stadium Disaster
Casualties: 66

Similar incident to that Ibrox 1971, where in UEFA Cup tie between FC Spartak of Russia vs Dutch side Haarlem was about to finish when people started rushing for exit. A few fall which result in many people came under the pile of people coming from above and 66 people had to lose their lives.
Valley Parade
Casualities: 56 died, 250 injured

In lower division game between Swansea City vs Bradford. Valley Parade stadium got into the blaze engulfed and because of the wooden structure of the stadium got into flames which lead to big disaster and more than 265 people got burn injuries while 56 people died. The cause of the incident is believed to be ciggarete or match box.
Heysel Stadium (Brussels – 1985)
Casualities: 39 died
In European Cup final game between Liverpool vs Juventus riots arupted allegely when Liverpool fans rushed to the wall to climb and reach the other way where Juventus fans were, Wall fell and more than 35 people died in what was a terrible incident and it lead to 5 years ban on English teams in european competitions.
Hillsborough Disaster (Sheffield 1989)
Casualties: 96

In the FA Cup final tie between Liverpool vs Nottingham Forest, which is by far the most talked about and famous stadium disaster got hooribly wrong and took 96 fans lives. It was result of stadium structure where authorities failed to control the flow of fans.
Stade Furiani Disaster (Bastia – 1992)
Casualties: 18 died

Back in 1992 copa france final where Marsielle meet SC Bastia, a temporary stant crashed killing 18 people and way more than 100 got injured in the worst stadium crash in france.
Accra Sports Stadium Disaster (Accra – 2001)
Causalties: 127
Cause: Crowd touble, riots
Port Said Stadium Disaster (Port Said – 2012)
Casualties: 79
Cause: Riots

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