15 Most Unusual & Weirdest Sports Competitions In the world

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Sunday, January 19th, 2014 | 0

Weirdest sports in the worldThere is alot more to sports than just football and other major sports, today we bring you a great top 10 list which has some of the most unusual sports some of which you might have not heard of. there is wife carrying sport, there is toe wrestling and what not. So lets get down to the business and take a look at weird sports.

1. ISTAF’s Sepak Takraw 

Origin: SouthEast Asia
Prize Money: $40,000

This is a volleyball but players can use, feet, head, chest legs to touch the ball. It is fast becoming a very popular game in some asian countries and this is also our highest paid weirdest sport in the world.

2. Hotdog Eating Championship

Origin: USA
Prize Money: $25,000

Well name says it all, isnt it. Nathan’s Hotdog Eating competitions takes place annualy in United States. It was first came to limelight back in 1972 at the orignal Nathan’s hotdog branch. SO in a given timeframe contestants has to eat as many hotdogs as possible. It pas alot and native born Joey Chestnut has won the world championship of hotdogs eating 7 times.

3. Tuna Toss Championship

Origin: South Australia
Prize Money: $4,000

Now thats one weirdest sport which came from South Australia city portland. Where they had this annual festival but for some reason they failed to attract crowds so they invented this “tune toss” which has been a regualar since than and now people from all over Australia visit the festival just be part of Tuna Toss competition.

4. Toe Wrestling Championship

Origin: Derbyshire, England
Any Prize Money ? : No

Toe wrestling is by far the most weirdest sport in the world, it is an annual competition of “Toe Wrestling World Championship” which takes place in Derbyshire England every year. Its pretty much like a foot version of “Arm Wresling” which is more of a global and renouned sport. Toe Wrestling is a competition which is quite famous in england now but they prize money goes to charity called “Wish Upon a Star”.

5. Bed Race Competition

Origin: Knaresborough, UK
Prize Money: $0

Just like toe wrestling, this Bed race which takes place every year in Knaresborough festival dont offer prize money. It is more of a fashion show than a sport but still contestants has to travel considerable length of track to complete the competition. They dress in different costumes which can be a doctor or greek god stuff and they have to build their beds in a way to entertain peoples.

6. Wheelbarrow Race

Origin: Kenya
Prize Money: $450

This is a pretty cool sport and probably we all have played in the childhood. Wheelbarrow a pushing teammate and a person inside the wheelbarrow. They have to cross a 5 kilometer track and its a proper race every year in Kenya.

7. The Muggle Quidditch

Origin: US
Prize Money: $500

You might have seen that flying quidditch sport in World famous Harry Porter series, but we also have a that sport in real life withon difference being the players can not fly like in the magical worlf of hogwarts, instead they are running with the stick mounted between the legs.

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