Top 10 Famous Sports Athletes Convicted of Murders

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Today we are going to take a look at somewhat unusual list of top 10 murders in sports where athletes were accused or convicted of killing someone. Most of these high-profile cased while others you might not know but this list goes to show being famous and money-man does not guarantee smooth easy ride in life.

#10. Estaban de Jesus

Estaban was one of the most prominent boxer to have come through Puerto Rico in light heavyweight division, he has a very solid career where the highlight was beating Roberto Durán back in 1972. He retired several years after that fight and that is where life went tough on him as he was sentenced for life prison of killing a 18 year old boy in dispute over traffic. He got infected with HIV and later died of it.

#9. Robert Rozier

Rozier played a season in NFL 1979 with Arizona which back than was known as St Louis. But his problems of the pitch never let him get his career going, he was released after only 1 season where he played 6 games only. After his released he joined one of the “Gangs” where to be the member of the gang you had to kill a white person, which Rozier did, infect he killed 7 people before confessing and got a sentence of 22 years.

#8. Mark Rogowski

Now that’s a story to tell, Rogowski was one of the best skaters around in 1980’s and he was quite successful both career and money wise but later in the 80’s his category of skateboard declined and his career went down and out. He had the problem with alcohol later and his relationship for 4 years ended which lead to depression and extreme stalking of his ex. He met friend of his ex, he raped her and later buried her in desered after murder.

#7. Sean Taylor

Sean Taylor burst on to the scene in NFL back in 2004 when he was drafted in by Washington Redskins, his performances suggested that he is taking his career to next level but in 2007 he was murdered in his home in Miami.

#6. Steve McNair

Another NFL player who was at the peak of his career. Playing for Nashville he was married and had four kids but unfortunately he also had a dark secret where he was having a secret fling with his 20-year-old young girlfriend. He bought a condo and expensive car but the girlfriend was not happy that McNair won’t leave his wife and kids and in jealousy shot him dead in that vary condo he bought for her.

#5. Rae Carruth

Now this one is very tragic, Rae Carruth was a player with NFL side Carolina Panthers and was in the middle of a decent career. He had a on and off relationship with Cherica Adams. Who got pregnant with his child but he did not wanted and asked for abortion, she did not accept that and Rae Carruth planned to kill after he made a plan with his friend.

Carruth stopped Carolina’s cars and one more car behin her car, and the driver of 2nd car shot her and they disapeared. But she did not die at the spot, she managed to call police and abmbulance and told them about the incident, though she lost her life but doctors managed to save her kid. Carruth was charged with first degree murder.

Oscar Pistorius#4. Oscar Pistorius

Reeva Steenkamp, model girlfriend of Oscar Pistorius was shot dead at pistorius residance where he admitted he was the one who shot her but he justified it by saying he thought there was an invader in the house. It was one of the biggest sports scandal in 2013. You better search it out whats going on in this case.

#3. Chris Benoit

The former WWE wrestler Chris Benoit was a decent draw in WWE before he killed his wife, and 8 year old son, a few days later he commit suicide. Benoit went through alot in his marriage life and reports suggest that it was depression which caused him do that.

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