Top 10 Bankrupt Athletes (players) Boxing, Football, NFL, NBA

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Athletes who were broke for money

In today’s world sports athletes are paid millions of dollars for playing the sport they love the most, all these high profile sports including individual sports and team sports players are worth way more than a highly qualified doctor or engineer and and athletes not only earn from their professional contract monthly/Weekly/Yearly salaries but also showered with high profile endorsement deals but still some how we have a huge list of big name athletes in different sports who have lost al ltheir fortune for different reason and today we take a look at top 10 athletes who went bankrupt.

#1. Mike Tyson
Career Earnings: Between $300 to $400 Million

The biggest name which comes to mind is the heavyweight boxing super start of 90’s Mike Tyson who at one point of her career made around $30 million a fight. But he as a ht headed party animal plus his screws around head were not tight to say in different words. Tyson believed to have lost all his fortune of between $300 million to 400 million in expensive mansions, pets (tigers) and very expensive divorces and the big part was him being used by his promoted and giving him wrong ideas and lifestyle.

He went to jail for sexual assults, beating his wife, he bite holyfield ear and according to his own words ” he is a motherfu*** who has done alot of a terrible things” and now on the verge of dying because of alcohal/drugs addiction as he describe in his latest interview in August 2013.


#2. Evander Holyfield
Career Earnings: $250 Millions

Holyfield is another boxing name who made huge millions in his fighting career and big high profile endorsement deals but lost it all. In 2008 his bank auctioned off his $10 million mansion and he had to pay off alot of “child support” money for his kids.

Now Holyfield appear on some tv programms and on boxing shows trying to make a living, he also took back his retirment and was fighting a few years back in low profile fights.


#3. Allen Iverson
Career Earnings: $150 Millions

Last year in 2012 Iverson went to court and declared his bankrupcy and could not pay off a debt he took on gold for around $860k. Iverson was one hell of party animal, loved night life and blew millions on gambling, booze and women in Los Vegas.


#4. Michael Vick
Career Earnings: $30 million

Another sports star from America, Michael Vicks was one of the richest sports players and in the forbes list of 2007 he was in top 10 highest paid players in the world. Guess what ? after two years he pleaded guilty of being invovled in an illegal “dog race” venture went to jail and now starting over again.

Though he is getting back to his best and signed a $100 million contract back in 2011 after getting out of prison.


#5. George Best
Career Earnings: Unknown

Best was argubaly the great british player to have played the game of football and he guided Manchester United to glory but his lavish lifestyle off the field did not help him keep up his performances for long and alcohal and drug abuse combined with gambling and women’s he lost everything he earned and was declared flat out broke.

His total earnings are unknown but he was one of the highest paid players in the world at the time he was playing football.


#6. Marion Jones
Career Earning: $7 Million

One of the most celebrated femal athlete in the world was Marion Jones who made name for herself in olympics but all the stardom, the money and the endorsement deals went flat when she pleaded guilty of taking steroids. With that she lost all her career earnings. Because of court cases expenses and IRC expensive which unltimately lead her career to a deep deep hole.


#7. John Arne Riise
Career Earnings: $15 Million

A high profile football player, who is a national of Denmark John Arne Riise declared bankrupcy back in 2007, unpaid depts were the major reasons plus he went into court war with his agent about he he invested his earnings. Although the case is still in court but thngs are not looking good for Riis who is currently playing in Premier League with Fulham after his short stint with Italian Club AS Roma.
#8. Paul Gasgoin
Career Earnings: Unknow

Retired from football in 2002, the legendry english football player has been living on the help from friends since he retired. Recently broke down in public and suffer from extreme alcohal abuse, reportedly players like Rooney, Gerrard, Wilshare donated money for his healthcare and getting back to normal life.

Some other American Sports Athletes who went bankrupt

According to the recent study of SPorts Illustrated and Forbes it has been reported or predicted that more than 50% of the NFL athletes will go broke 2-3 years after they retire and thats because of the standard they are living off on their salary plus endorsements once that is gone they come flat back at the ground.

While another statistics shows that more than 40% of the NBA players will go bankrupt 5 years after retirement. here is the lsit of players who declared bankrupcy at some point of their life.

#11. Deuce McAllister
#12. Kenny Anderson
#13. Latrell Sprewell
#14. Muhsin Muhammad
#15. Lawrence Taylor
#16. John Daly
#18. Terrell Owens
#19. Warren Sapp
#20. Scott Eyre
#21. Vince Young

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