Top 10 Sexiest Football Players in the World 2014 Survey

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Thursday, January 9th, 2014 | 0

Football is the by far the most followed team sport in the world and in 2014 we will have the biggest competition in the world stage and that is FIFA World Cup. There is no bigger competition than “FIFA World Cup” on our planet earth. So a few months back we decided to do a survey of the sexiest footballers in the world and we come up with the follwing list. Footballers are worshiped in many countries and they are paid so much money week and week out for the the game they love playing. Like they say there is nothing better than getting paid for somthing you love doing. If you are a footballer and have Money and Fame that will get you girls and if you have good looks to add to it, girls will worship you.

#7. Mario Gomez

Is a german footballer playing his trade in Italy after winning the treble with Bayern Munich. Guys has a wonderful looks and hairstyle, got millions in the bank and he comes up last in our top 10 list of sexiest footballers in the world.

#6. Sebastian Larsson

Larsson is from scandnavian country sweden, so np prized for guessing as he is blonde and with blues eyes. Larsson came to limelight back in 2007 while playing for Birmingham city when he scored goals of the season for team, walking more than half the pitch alone and slotting home a great goal. Though his performances on the pitch suffered but off it he scored a beauty in Swedish model tine.

#5. Iker Casillas

Remeber that kiss after World Cup final ? Casillas is a very good looking guy or should i saw the sexies goalkeeper in the world. Has been part of Real Madrid since his youth days, now into his early 30’s he is still fit and dating a spanish sports reported (Sara) who is also in the top 10 sexiest sports reporters in the world

#4. David Beckham

What you can say about the english legend, who achieved so much more outside the stadium than on the pitch. He is a money making mechine and has endorsement deals with H&M, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Nike and what not, even though he is retired David beckham is one of the most handsom player to have graced the game of football.

#3. Kaka

Now into his 30’s kaka got that look of pretty boy and that is also present in his football. He has been on top flight football radar for more than a decade. Got married to a beautiful girl from Brazil and more of a classy, good looking character than rock n roll footballer.

#2. Yoann Gourcuff

Now thats a interesting one, French Footballer Gourcuff was once regarded as new Zidane well not in looks department, where he beats the big name hands down. But never fullfilled his potential at the highest stage.

#1. Cristiano Ronaldo

And the number 1 place goes to Cristiano Ronaldo, and here is what Mr Olympia and former California congressman arnold schwarzenegger has to say about ronaldo.

“He has a superb physique and such fit abs. Ronaldo’s in amazing shape. That’s why he’s such a great footballer”

Ronaldo vs Messi is discussed so many times but one thing Ronaldo scores on Messi is looks department hands down. Since his Manchester United days he has been with so many girlfriends that includes couple of hollywood “high profile hookers” in Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Currently he is working on being the number 1 footballer and days away from winning his 2nd Ballon D’or award plus launching his very own underwear collection.

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