Top 10 Richest Wrestlers In 2013-2014

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Dwayne Johnson Salary, Earnings 2014 #1. The Rock Net Worth – $65 Million
Real Name: Dwayne Johanson
Age: 41

Dewayne “the Roch” Johanson is the richest wrestler in the world at the moment, his net worth is beleived to be around $65 Million, which helped through his acting career since he left Wrestling. But he do make apperences from time to time in WWE and widely regarded as one of the great wrestlers of all times. His electrifying moves and known as People’s Champions.

Stone Cold Careering earnings #2. Stone Cold Net Worth – $30 Million
Real Name: Steve Austin
Age:  48

Stone Cold is one of the great wrestlers to have graced the WWE, a hall of famer and has couple of big movies under his belt since he retired from wrestling. Stone Cold earned his $35 Million net worth through contract with WWE which lasted around 15 years while he has some endorsement deals and did a couple of hollywood movies.

Hulk Hogan Careering earnings #3. Hulk Hogan Net Worth – $25 Millions
Real Name: Terry Gene Bollea
Age: 60

The most recogizable face came out from Wrestling, Hulk Hogan made his name with World Wrestling Federations and he is a Hall of famer with WWE. Spend last few years of his career fighting in TNA Wrestling. His net Worth is believed to be around $25 Million. Hogan was part of a few Hollywood movies as well, apart from that countless endorsement deals have served him well to keep his bank rolling.
Triple H Net Worth #4.Triple H Net Worth – $20 Millions
Real Name: Paul Michael Levesque
Age: 44

Another from the golden generation of WWF from early 2000’s Triple H has been on top of his game for 10 years in Wrestling and he won the WWF title more than anyone else in the history. His net worth is believed to be around $20 Million. He is another Wrestler who’s career took him to Hollwood. Though not as successfull as The Rock off the wrestling rings.

John Cena Career Earnings, Salary #5. John Cena Net Worth – $20 Millions
Real Name: John Felix Anthony Cena
Age:  36

The most celebrated next gen star came from WWE, John Cena made his name back in 2004 when he burst through the scene as a youngster, since than he has never look back. Although most of his fans are kids but he is equaly popular among girls and teen age boys. John Cene is also one of the wrestlers who tried his luck in Hollywood movies but it did not go as it was planned.
THe Big Show Career Earnings #6. The Big Show Net Worth – $ 15 Million
Real Name: Paul Randall Wight,
Age: 41

The big Show has been a regualr in WWE for more than 15 years now, His apperences dates back in the later 1990’s and still in 2013 he make apperences from time to time a future hall of famer for sure.
Chris Jericho Net Worth #7. Chris Jericho Net Worth – $12 Million
Real Name: Christopher Keith Irvine
Age: 42

Shawn Michaels Net Worth Shawn Michaels Net Worth – $10 Millions
Real Name: Michael Shawn Hickenbottom
Age: 42

Mick Foley Careering earnings#9. Mich Foley Net Worth – $10 Millions
Real Name: Michael Francis “Mick” Foley, Sr
Age: 48

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