Top 10 Most Trolled Football Players in 2014 (funny football)

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014 | 0

Most Trolled footballers 2014We have covered many interesting top 10 lists in the past which included richest players, most hated players overpaid and what not. Today we bring you a proper internet term “Troll” in world of football. Since social media has become so big part of our lives we get so many trolls everyday and every where. Lets take a look some of the most trolled footballers in the world.

This list include some very common names and we have arranged quite a few pictures of the football who are easy target of trolls and we start with non other than the trollotelli himself, the king Bolatelli of trolistan.

#1. Mario Balotelli ( Trollotelli)

Bolatelli is fun on the pitch or outside of it, and his above goal celebrations picture has been widely used by the trolls and do a quick search in google about (Mario bolatelli troll pictures) you will love it.

#2. Fernando Torres ( Maybe if he try to miss he will score ?)

Fernando Torres has been butt of jokes since his move to Chelsea, but credit to him he dont give a gun to online jokers and trolls, he miss goals week and week out. here is good one “what torres and puzzle has in common ? both fall to pieces when put inside a box” and thats about it.

#3. Luis Suarez ( If you can not beat them, eat them)

Suarez is another footballer with laods of talent which he is showing in this premier league season. But since his arrival in premier league he got into the news for the wrong reasons week after week (check out his all scandals and controversies in liverpool shirt) and his biting incident is widely used by trolls.

#4. John Terry ( Keep your wives/gf’s save from him)

Terry is another footballer who got some unwanted attention because of his off the field antiques. Here is our timeline of John Terry incidents over the years and he is target of trolls in perticular.

#5. Pepe ( Touch him, you die)

Animal like and crazy footballer. he is also on the list of our most hated footballers in the world. Pepe has been sent off so many times and when he plays 90 minute and dont get a booking in a rare game he gets troll attention for some internet banter.

#6. Emile Heskey ( Hail the Lord)

Now this one is troll written all over him, Emile Heskey has been the target of trolls for so long that they give him the “king of trolistan” here is a good joke about him, “robert green saved more than 100 shots on goal and tomorrow he and heskey will train with the rest of the squad”

#7. Ashley Young ( Touch him, he dives)

Ashley Young has the worst reputation of being a diver in premier league. massively over rated player and that did not go un notice from troll mafia online.

#8. Nicklas Bendtner ( Troll Lord)

Bendtner has the reputation of being “ultimate lord of trollistan” quite recently he managed to grab a goal and that too a very important one and guess what trolls are comparing him with Messi and Ronaldo. Bendtner has scored more goals in 2014 than Messi and Ronaldo.

You have any idea of other footballer who get trolled a lot ? lets us know in the comment box below and share a joke or two.

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