Top 7 Most Selfish Players in Football

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 | 0

Football is a team game and good manager around the world would like to keep the team playing as a “11 man contribution” rather than one man show. But in World football with all the money and fame, players ego’s sometime get into their heads and they try to take the opposition on their own, today we bring you the list of top 5 most selfish or self centered players in the world.

#1. Arjan Robben

If you have followed European football for last few years, The first name comes to mind when we talk about self centred play is current Bayern Munich player Arjan Robben. He broke through the ranks with his National team Holland back in 2004 Euro Championship. Since than he has played for Chelsea, Real madrid and Bayern Munich but his selfish streak which in almost every game he tend to cut on to his left foot and shoot from outrageous angles. Sometime the go in but mostly he left a unmarked teammate furious. So he is no.1 at around Most selfish players list.

#2. Daniel Sturridge

Former City and Chelsea man has started his Liverpool career with aboslute great form and he started the 2013-14 season where he left off last season and scored two goals for Liverpool in the opening two games and won 6 points. But Liverpool players will be hoping that Sturridge to pass a little bit more as he just like Robben has this tendancy to go solo when he has better option on his right, or left.

#3. Luiz Nani

Manchester United player who joined in 2006, was dubbed as New Ronaldo but apart from couple of decent season’s he never really lived up at Old Trafford and thats partially because of his selfish style and his step overs or tricks which usualy dont go well and you might remember him from preventing a sublime Ronaldo goal in international game against Spain.

Nani made sure Ronaldo wont get a spectacular goal vs Spain


#4. Robinho

Robinho came to Europea with huge hype and trickery in his armour but even a full decade in European football did not help him to get over his selfish side of play. Currently play in Milan where he came Via City from Real Madrid. Robinho almost forced a move away from Bernabue back in 2008. Robinho started his City career strongly with finishing in top 3 goal scored in the league but never really settled in English football nor in Milan or Madrid.

#5. Cristiano Ronaldo

Well thats a surprise inclusing, but I found a video of Ronaldo robbing Higuain a easy tap in goal and he tripped his team mate before he could score. Take a look at the video below. His early career at United was more of a showboating show but alot has changed since and now he is World best player along side Messi.

Take a Look at this video how Ronaldo robbed higuain a goal:


#6. Nasri

Samir Nasri is a mercenary, he left Arsenal and joined City and the motive behind the move was nothing but money. He has been widely criticised in the media in England but after playing couple of great season’s with Arsenal his form has dipped and now he is a 2nd fiddle in city ranks.

#7. Joey Barton

He is more a central midfielder with defensive approach but his attitude is terrible for a premier league player, he has got himself into many troubles and of course sending off’s for stupid incidents and left his team with 10 men on many occasions.

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