Most Popular Team Sports In the World 2014

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Today we are going to take a look at the Top 10 most popular sports in the world, in terms of team play only. When we talk about sports its more than just a hobby these days, professional sports players are getting paid billions of dollars every year from sports contracts to Sports endorsement deals. So lets take a look at top 10 most popular sports in the world.

#.1 FOOTBALL (Soccer)

Most Popular team Sports in The World
Probably the oldest but the most celebrated team game in the world, Football is by far the most played and watched sport in the world with Official FIFA World Cup putting together record after record in terms of viewing every 4 years, while English Premier League is the most watched professional sport league in the world with over half of the population tuning in to watch some sort of Premier League action on TV, internet be it Live matches or highlights or news. Currently the most famous teams are Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and in 2014 We will have FIFA World Cup.

Another game invented in England but spread far and wide where ever English people ruled. Cricket is very famous in SOuth east asia (Sub Continent). Again the World Cup happens every 4 years and we have 10 Full members International Cricket Committe in Pakistan, India, Australia, Sri Lanka, England, South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe who play cricket series throughout the year.

While in the recent few years a shorter version of the game has been introduced which helped put more exposure on World Cricket. Its a 3 hour event where both teams play 20 overs and the World Cup happens every two years for this format. There is a ongoing petition for Olympic authorities to make it official Olympic game.

Another big sport, mostly played in cold countires, and in most parts is a winter game but now with the introduction of artificial turfs it is possible for even countries who dont have ice in winter seasons. The countries which are head and shoulders above other international ICE Hockey teams are United States, Russia, Canada, Norway , Sweden , Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Great Britain

In USA there is a big professional Hockey league called NHL, and the average attendance of a single league match is around 40,000

Another sport which has been around for decades. Basketball is a official Olympic game. It is perticularly popular in China, United States, Canada and Philipines. NBA the professional basketball league in USA is one of the richest sport league’s around. It has average attendance of 17,500 a game and the famous players in the 30 teams like Miami heat, La Lakers etc, are being paid huge money and in the recent forbest richlist magazine Lebrone james and Kobe Bryant were the highest paid sports athletes playing in team games.

Another English invention, made out of football Rugby has two forms one is played with Rugby Union rules while the other one is Rugby League. American football is pretty much the same sport with few rules difference which we will talk later.

Rugby Union World Cup is 3rd biggest sporting event in the world, 2nd only to FIFA Football World Cup and Olympics. This sport is perticularly famous in Madagascar, Fiji, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, ,Cook Islands, Romania ,Samoa, Tonga, Argentina, France, Australia, ENgland and New Zealand

Big Evnets:

Rugby World Cup
Six Nations
Four Nations
British and Irish Lions Tours


Another big sport in terms of big audians, Volleball is very famous in countries like United States ,Brazil, Canada, Russia, Italy while it is the national sport of Sri Lanka.

It is also official Olympic game, while Volleyball’s world governing body is FIVB who holds World Championship every 4 years while there are big regional events like FIVB Euro Volleyball and there are couple of big league’s around the world as well.


It 2nd format of Rugby sport, from the looks of things it looks pretty much same as Rugby Union but with some minor changes in rules. It is played in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Wales, France, England and Papua New Guinea and in United Kingdom it is very famous and we will have the Rugby League World Cup towards the end of this year.

Another American sport, it is derived from England football and Rugby and it is by far the most watched sport in United States with over half the population tuning in to watch it on TV or in stadiums every week. Approximate figures are 306 million people who watch American football on TV.

NFL ( National Football League) is by far the biggest sporting league in United States and players are getting paid huge sums of money to play for domesitc sides. NFL draft happens every year and it holds a so much significance and Super Bowl is the biggest game at the end of the season.

Field Hockey was very popular team game a decade ago but in the recent years it has kind of lost its invincibilty. Hockey is national sport of Pakistan and India and it is played in the countries like England, Germany, Australian, Malaysia and South Africa while some other countries has joined the international group of teams and thoese are South Korea, China Argentina etc.

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