Top 10 Most Overpaid Football Players in World 2014

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, December 23rd, 2013 | 4

Rio Ferdinand called footballers overpaid proffesionals, even though in last couple of season’s he fall in the same category. Today we take a look at top of the most overpaid footballers at the moment. Either they have past it and still on that illusive contract which they got after 1 or 2 season great performances or clubs mis judged talents and gave them massive contracts. below the is the list of top 10 overpaid players at the moment.

#1. Fernando Torres (Chelsea) – $18.5 Million

A Reds legend Former Liverpool striker, transfered to Chelsea at the peak of his career but can not buy a goal from all what he earns. When he signed for Chelsea he became the highest paid player in the league earning around $200,000 a week but never got going in Chelsea shirt. Won the Champions League with Chelsea, and than the europa league but that was more down to team effort than his brilliance.

#2. Ashley Young – (Manchester United) – $9.24 million

Transfered from midtable club to one of the biggest club in England, young’s career has been going down hill since he joined united and reportely he is 4th highest paid player in Manchester United squad with $130,000 a week salary.

#3. Dario Conca (Guangzhou) – $12.6 Million

By far the highest paid player in Chinese football league, Conca is from Argentina and his club guangzhou is paying him around $12 Million a year salary. Surely he dont worth what he is being paid since he is playing his trade in fairly new league in china.

#4. Emmanuel Adebayor (Tottenham/Man City) – $13.6 million

This guy is a decent striker but not great. He joined city from Arsenal for a hafty fee and main reason for his transfer was motivation for bigger wage and thats what he is getting. Though cant make it to the city squad, loaned out twice to Real Madrid and Tottenham. His reported $13 Million a year salary is huge for what he brings to the team.

#7. Samir Nasri – (Man City) – $12.2 million

Another former Arsenal player who joined the joined the man city money train. But his career is on a halt since the transfer. Won the premier league medal with city but never looked the player he was at Arsenal and his $12.2 million a year salary is insane.

#5. Samuel Eto’o (Chelsea) – $10 million

Eto’o has seen his best days, now a bit part player. Recently joined Chelsea but struggle to make it the starting lineup and is on $10 million a year salary. surely thats too high for a washed up striker.

#6. Mario Balotelli – (AC Milan) – $8.5 million

Some time what he do on the pitch, even the double salary of what he is getting now is not enogut. But mostly he is below par and his off the field antiques dont help we put him in the top 10 overpaid athletes list.

#8. Robinho – (AC Milan) – $5 million

Another Milan striker with absolute nothing to show for since he joined Milan from Manchester City. Robinho is on $5 million a year salary and he is so bad that no club want to buy him and milan have to stick to him untill his contract runs out.

#9. Lukas Podolski – (Arsenal) – $9.5 million

Arsenal always have solid good players without paying over the top salaries but Podolski morealess falls in the overpaid footballers category with his reportedly $10 million a year salary.

#10. Andy Carrol (West Ham) – $6.56 million

Superb in his first two season’s in Premier League with Newcastle, But Liverpool and Kenny Dalgish thought they bought the best player in the league for a record fee only to get the biggest transfer flop in premier league history. Newcastle sold a dog in lions cloths. Still getting paid $6 million a year in salary from West Ham just to be on the injury list.

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