10 Best & Most Iconic Goal Celebrations In Premier League

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Thursday, January 23rd, 2014 | 0

Best goal celebrations in English premier League history

You scored goal of the season, or that winning goal in local derby which makes you go berzerk, you run to fans and explode with cheer happiness, these are some very common goal celebrations but Premier League have had some of the legends when it comes to pre-planned celebrations and today we are going to take a look at 10 of the best premier league goal celebrations ever.

Mario Balotelli – “Why Always Me”

The Balotelli is a great character, he always comes up with something funny, strange or totaly unpredictable. In the biggest game of the season against local rivals Manchester United mario Balotelli scored turned around and took of his shirt which revealed the message “Why Always me” refering to constant rumours/news about him in the press.


Jurgen Klinsmann – That Dive

When Klinsmann joined Spurs in premier league, he came with this reputation of a serial diver, and also was part of german side which knocked England out of the world cup. So he scored in the first game he played against Shaffield and what followed was the most iconic celebration “the klinsmann dive”


Eric Cantona – “The King”

His goal against Sunderland summed up his personality, with that great chip which followed by perhaps the most iconinc goal celebrations ever in premier league.


Lomana LuaLua – Airbone & Acrobat

Now this congo international footballer, Lomana LuaLua was a decent striker who player for Portsmouth and Newcasatle United. His goal celebrations always overshadowd his footbaling ability as he had by far the most acrobat celebrations in premier league take a look at this video.


Emmanuel Eboue – African Dancing

Emmanuel Eboue played for Arsenal for a few years and was always ready to come on and give his best shot, unfortunately his best moment in ARsenal shirt came at around 0:18 seconds in the video below. A dance which is yet to be named but arsenal fans will always remember.


Gareth Bale – “Heart” shaped hands celebrations

Bale set Premier League alight in his last couple of season’s, his talent speaks volumes as Real Madrid paid the record transfer fee ever and it was his goal celebrations with heart shape gesture with hands which kind of symbolises his rise to stardom.


Robbie Keane – Somersault with guns and shooting gesture

Robbie keane played for Tottenham a few season before he joined LA Galaxy in USA, his goal celebrations are pretty much the same over years which is cartwheel followed by somersault ending with pistol shooting. Apperently he is still doing it in MLS.


Tim Cahill – Boxing and Handcuffs

His trademark headers often followed by trademark corner flag boxing goal celebrations.


Jimmy Bullard – “Doing the Phil Brown”

Hull City lost 5-1 at Etihad vs man City and their managed took the players out at the halftime and gave them kind of a hairdryer infront of the fans. Bullard scored in the same fixture a year later and he provided premier league with one of the most amusing and cute moment.


Kevin Nolan’s Chicken Dance

While playing for West Ham United, and scored a few goals which lead to chicken dance celebrations. Which resulted in West Ham fans chanting the song “Nolan your chicken is dead” in a reference to him running out of contract.


Emmanuel Adebayor – Backlash with Arsenal fans

Adebayor is a right mercenary, he transferd from Arsenal to Manchester City only motivated by higher wages. Scores a goal against his former team and ran full length of the pitch just to celebrate the goal in front of furious arsenal fans, booked for bad behaviour and was later fined by City.


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