Top 10 Most Hated Footballers in the World 2014

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Saturday, November 2nd, 2013 | 0

Most hated footballers in the world

Today we bring you the list of players who are not many people’s favourite list and here are our “Top 10 Most Hated Footballers in the World list” names include some of the divers, arrogent, money grabbing, back stabbing, screwing team mates girls and what not so lets start with our list.

#10. Emre Belozoglu

No. 10 where we place Emre Belozoglu who was caught on camera abusing Didier Zakora.


#9. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Only reason he is in the list is because he constantly elbow his opponents throughout every game when trying to win headers. He has a big ego and attitude problem which give him confidence but dont sit well with footballe players. Zlatan is the best player after Messi and Ronaldo, maybe he sould not be in the list.

#8. Sergio Busquets

A magnificent player, not dont have the skill of other spanish and barca players who play along side him but they need him to protect the ball. Busquets is a superb talented player but one thing what let him down is his addiction to diving. Simulation is somthing which should be added to his attributes and he is pretty good at it.

#7. Mario Balotelli

Now about Super Mario, you can either love him or hate. He has a child heart and brain in big body of a human. His list of controvertial incidents started from his days in Inter Milan than moved to city where he somehow manager to put his hotel room on fire, fought with team mates, was warned by Mancini to change his attitude or leave city (which he did) been smoking since joined Milan. Again he irritate more fans than he made them happy with his performances on the pitch.

#6. Pepe

Now here we are talking about an animal, bad loser, tempramental and his volatile behaviour often leads on suspensions and bans. He has been sent off many times nad his behaviour on the pitch is not somthing you would like your son to follow just take a look at the video above of his brutal self.

#5. Ashley Cole

Now he is a money grabbing, back stabbing pervert. Cole left Arsenal and joined the Billionair chelsea chelsea ship on 2004 when Jose Mourinho joined Chelsea. Since than his performances has been decent to very good but off the field he cheated on wonderfull Chryl Cole, he become a chain smoker once he got to vacations in summer. Even when he plays on tp of his game he is not everyone cup of tea.

#4. El Hadji Diouf

Spitting on opposition players face, racist towards ball boys, night club brawls drunk driving and many more controversies on his list. Guy got to fame when he scored a winner against France in 2002 World Cup group match but never really lived up to his reputation when signed by Liverpool.


#3. Joey Barton

Spent 74 days in jail after a assult in night club, since than his off the field antics has mellowed but his twitter account makes disturbing reading when ever it is updated and that is being done quite frequently. He slagged of Sir Alex saying he cant coach, Roy Hodgson’s a mugger and to an extend when he called Justine Bieber gay (where he is right btw)

#2. John Terry

Only chelsea fans like this mugger, he has had his share of on the field and off the field antics, and for a detailed look at John Terru Controversies you can read our post which include incident from screwing wayne bridge girlfriend, to mocking american tourits in London, urinating in pubs, brawls in night club.

#1. Luis Suarez

What can you say about the guy, a absolute great footballer but his behavior on the pitch even leave his own team mates embarresed. We covered a full full report on his career controverstial incident which you can find “Suarez controversies” From biting players not once but twice, to call Evra a negro snubbing hands shakes, diving and what not. His list of controversies include every thing but off the field he is a quite a good family guy with two daughters. So we might put his bad behaviour down to bad loser thing.

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