Top 10 Most Searched Athletes on Google in 2014

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Sunday, December 22nd, 2013 | 0

Google made a tradition of releasing trends for the year ending at the end of every year. So today we bring you the list of Top 10 most searched sports players/athletes worlwide on google and other search engines in general. There are quite a few names in the list which will surprise you but they are in the list either becuase of their extraordinary skills on the field or off it terrible deeds. Lets take a look how makes it in the top 10 most searched athletes for 2013.

#1. Oscar Pistorius (Runner)

Reason – Murdered his girl friend

First ever amputee runner to compete at an Olympic Games, he is south african born runner who lost both of his legs due to condition he was born with, his legs were ambuted when he was 11 month old. Fast track to 2013, he made the headlines when according to him he accidently killed his girlfriend because he though there was an intruder in the house.
#2.Aeron Hernandez

Reason – convicted of murdering Odin Lloyd

Aeron Hernandez made it big in the NFL in the last couple of seasons and he signed a new contract worth $40 million for 5 years but his whole world came crashing down when he was convicted of murder of Odin Lloyd and semi professional footballer. Now faces life sentence.
#3. Adrien Peterson

Reason: 2013 NFL Offensive Player of the Year &  Most Valuable Player Award

Huge name in American sports now, Adrien Peterson had a big impact on NFL season and won two major awards at the end of 2013 season with him taking home offensive player of the Year and NFL Most valuable player.
#4. Kevin Ware (NBA)

Reason: suffered horrible injury

Kevin Mare was in the news when he fell awkwardly and fractured his leg, and if you look at the pictures of his injury you might think he wont be able to
#5. Lance Armstrong

Reason: Admission of using performance enhancing drugs

One of the biggest names in sports, he always been in the news sometime for his heroics of winning Tour De France year and year out, sometime beating cancer and than came the biggest blow to his dignity when he admitted on Oprah that he took performance enhancing drugs during his cycling career.
#6. Gareth Bale (Footballer)

Reason: Transfer to Real Madrid for World Record Fee.

Real Madrid reportedly paid around $110 Million for the services of Gareth bale, who’s transfer broke the record of previous high profile transfer where Ronaldo Joined Madrid from Manchester United back in 2009.
Reason: Admission of being a gay

Jason Collins became the first ever basketball player to publicaly admit that he is a gay. The story was a rumour before collins admission, but once he admitted he was in american and world sports news for quite sometime.
#8. Lamar Odom (NBA)

Reason: off the court antics (reality tv, divorce to Khloe Kardashian)

Lamar Odom has seen his best years on court, now he is a bit part player for Los Angles Clippers. But his off the court antics made him one of the most searched athlete in NBA. He tried his hand in reality TV, divorced his wife Khloe Kardashian and now in line to lose $10 million in divorce settlement. What did he expect when he married in circus family ?
#9. Ray Lewis (NFL)

Reason: retired from football after winning his 2nd Super Bowl Title.

One of the most beloved NFL player in the history, Ray Lewis got his 2nd title of winning Super Bowl with Baltimore Ravens and than retired at the end of the season.
#10. Chris Kelly (NHL)

Reason: google searchers got the wrong guy (confused with Kris Kross music band who died in 2013)


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