Top 10 Most Expensive Super Bowl Commercials in History

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, January 13th, 2014 | 0

The season finale of NFL which is a all star game will be taking place in New Jersey on 2nd February 2014 and this might be the most expensive Super Bowl in the history of NFL. According to NFL money experts the total cost might reach in the region of $70 million and today we take a look at top 10 most expensive commercials made for the halftime interval. Super Bowl is by far the most watched event in the United States every year, breaking record after record and big companies want to use the audians to get their new product out during super bowl.

Short History behing Super bowl adverts:

Back in 1984 apple used super bowl event to advertise their new operating system and computer called “Macintosh”. It was such a unique idea behind the commercials that in 1984 super bowl is remembered for that “apple ad” than the actual game.

The Super Bowl Ad Cost ?

Back in 1991 Bowl, the advert cost the companies a six figure amount in the region of $100,000 to $200,000 for the just 30 seconds. Though things have changed rapidly and last year’s super bowl commercial cost $3 Million for 30 seconds. While the cost for 2014 might reach 4 Million. Now lets take a look at the most successfull and expensive commercials ever made for Super Bowl.

1. Chrysler – $12.4M

2. Budweiser – $5.8M

3. Pepsi – $5.7M

4. Audi – $5.6M

5. Coca-Cola – $5.4M

6. General Motors – $5.2M

7. ESPN Mobile – $4.8M

8. Cadillac – $4.6M

9. Subway’s – $4.4M

10. Reebok – $4.2M

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