Top 10 John Terry Scandals and Controversial Moments

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Sunday, August 25th, 2013 | 1

John Terry Scandal list

John is a Party animal and his rap sheet goes beyond the normal bad guy in Premier league, lets take a look at some of the incident Terry has been involved in over the years. Terry has been at Chelsea for his entire playing career breaking through the youth ranks.

John Terry Career Rap Sheet:

Foung guilty and fined by Chelsea back in 2001, in the time of 9/11 attacks. Terry and some team mates reportedly mocked American tourists outside the bar and threw food at them.

#1. Terry was banned from England National side in 2002 World Cup due to him proven guilty of assulting a night club bouncer. Apperently Terry punched him in the face nad hit him with a bottle and later claimed it was for self defence.

#2. Another incident him in the bar, he was seen urinating in the glass at a local Essex nightclub and left it on the floor. He claimed that because of injured toe he could not make it to the washroom.

#3. Parked his Bentley in Disable area, fined a mere £60 for the charge.

#4. Terry came under fire after him along with Scot Parker and Wayne Brige were reportedly betting on horses for over £40,000 a week and professional footballers are not allowed to.

#5. 2004 season in Premier League started badly for Terry, he was find £10,000 for inappropriate conduct. Allegedly he racialy abused Tottenham player Ledly King and misbahved with match referee Graham Poll.

#6. Terry Married Toni Pool his wife, but admitted he cheated on here more than 8 to 10 times and in the mean time a teenage girl Jenny Barker, revealed in the media that Terry cheated on Toni Pool with her in the car park

#7. John Terry took a bribe from a reporter for over 10000 GBP and let him take footage around the Chelsea training ground. Chelsea found out and the fined him as he did the stuff without their permission.

#8. Terry Mother and Mother in law were caught shoplifting back in 2009 and that followed his father selling cocain to an undercover police officer.

#9. Than came the biggest scandal of them all, Terry had a four month fling with Wayne Brige Girlfriend and reportedly she was pregnant and abort the baby and with the Incident Terry lost England captaincy and was criticised so bad in the media over the next few months.

#10. In October 2011 he alleged to have racially abuse Anton Ferdinand (Rio Ferdinand brother) in the Premier League game. Later found guilty and banned for a few games as well as he was replaced as the captain in England team for the 2nd time in his career.

So there you have it, John Terry’s scandal list is as long as his ugly face, good thing we wont see him in action for England as some of the other players are more suited and Steven Gerrard is the new Captain of England.

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