Hot Daughters Of Famous Athletes

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Today we gonna focus at daughters of famous athletes of all time.What you guys think which one is the best or which one deserves first place in ranking of hottest?Let`s take a look at them!

1.Laila Ali,December 30,1977 (Muhammad Ali`s daughter)

Laila is a retired American professional boxer,she is also a daughter of retired professional heavyweight boxer and legend Muhammad Ali.She is very talented and here we should not be suprised at all,after all she is a daughter of probably most famous and greates boxer ever!I must admit,she is a Pretty Woman and the Queen of female boxing,definitely!

2.Brooke Hogan,May 5,1988 (Brooke Ellen Bollea-Hulk Hogan daughter)

Brooke Hogan is an American actress,model,singer and television personality and of course a daughter of very famous professional wrestler Hulk Hogan.

3.Tracy Phillips,March 27,1982 (Wade Phillips daughter)

Tracy is an American dancer,actress and choreographer.She is a daughter of Wade Phillips the former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys,Denver Broncos and Buffalo Bills.

4.Rachel Bradshaw,26 years old (Terry Bradshaw daughter)

Rachel Bradshaw is a singer and Bigger Picture Artist  Instagram,she is also a daughter of a  former American quarterback who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL.

5.Stephanie Mcmahon,September 24,1976(Vince McMahon`s daughter)

Stephanie is an American corporate executive who is the Chief Brand Officer for World Wrestling Entertainment,she is also a former professional wrestling valet.Her father Vince is an American professional wrestling promoter,film producer,comentator,actor and occasional wrestler.

Would you like to be born like them?

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