Top 10 Highest Selling UFC PPV In The History

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One sport that has turn the tables and came to life in 21st century is MMA and that because of so much success UFC had over the last decade. Go back 20 years and you might have heard but never seen live Mixed Martial arts stuff at professional level, it was illegal bloody mess which started to turn its head in early 90 and came to limelight at the end of 20th century. Now every year we have many high grossing PPV’s in UFC and other leagues and they are basicly challenging the oldest sport of boxing.

Today we take a look at top 10 highest selling PPV events in history. That include some of the greatest MMA fighters and super undercard. Lets get ready to rumble.

1. UFC 100 – Gearges St-Piere vs Alves & Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir – $82 million
PPV’s Sold1,600,000

Dana White and co went all out in UFC 100 back in 2009 when they put UFC’s two biggest crowd pullers in Georges St Pierre and Brock Lesnar on same card. Both won their fights and it became UFC’s highest selling PPV event which will stay as the highest grossing UFC night for a while.

2. UFC 116 – Brock Lesnar vs Shane Carwin – $55 million
PPV Sold1,060,000

Shane Carwin dominated Lesnar in the first round but got tired and Lesnar did his wrestling thing to make Carwin quit in 2nd round. Great fight and close escape for Lesnar and this main event card sold 1.06 Million PPVs and could not reach UFC 100 heights.

3. UFC 66 – Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz Rematch – $53 million
PPV Sold1,000,000+

Liddel vs Ortiz rematch main event and undercard was aired back in 2006 and it became the highest grossing UFC event in the history. It crossed $1 Million buys and made over $53 from PPV sales.

4. UFC 91 – Brock Lesnar vs Randy Couture – $50 million
PPV Buys1 Million

Lesnar vs Courture was the main event in UFC 91 and it was back in 2008. Lesnar won the title and was on his way to stardom in UFC with a massive win. This fight also crossed $50 Million from PPV Sales.

5. UFC 92 – Rashad Evans vs Forrest Griffin – $50 million
PPV BuysAround 1 Million

THis was another card which was fully star studded, with Evands, Jackson and Forrest in the same night, it proved quite a success as it also reached $50 Million in PPV revenue.

6. UFC 114 – Rashad Evans vs Rampage Jackson – $50 million
PPV BuysAround 975,000

Jackson vs Evans was a grudge match they dont stand each other and it turned out to be a massive UFC event back in 2010 and crossed $50 in revenue from PPV sales.

7. UFC 158 – Georges St-Pierre vs Nick Diaz – $47.5 million
PPV Buys950,000

One of the biggest UFC draws is Georges st Pierre and his fight against Nick Diaz in Montreal back in early 2013 generated quite a hype and crossed 950,000 buys which resulted it PPV revnue of around $47 Million and GSP took home in access of $5 Million from this single fight night and that is the highest purse in UFC to date.

8. UFC 148 – Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen Rematch – $46.25 million
PPV Buys925,000

Silva vs Sonnen was a great fight where Sonnen almost ended Anderson SIlva’s longest winning streak but somehow after winning first 4 rounds he lost to submission in the last round. Massive upset but it resulted in one of the most hyped rematches in history of UFC and guess what ? Anderson Silva tore Sonnen apart in the rematch and kept his winning streak going.

9. UFC 94 – Georges St.Pierre vs. BJ Penn Rematch – $46 million
920,000 pay-per-views

GSP had already defealted B penn earlier in the career but a rematch in UFC 94, meant not only Penn had a chance to avenge his defeat but to become the first event fighter to hold two title’s at the same time in UFC History. Thats said and done GSP came out strong and punished Penn throughout the fight. This fight generated more than $45 Million in PPV buys.

10. UFC 121 – Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez – $45 million
900,000 pay per views

Lesnar at this point of his MMA career became the biggest draw in UFC because of his wrestling (WWE) background and massive power. He got his first defeat in the hands of Cain Velasquez which ultimately ended Lesnar’s career. This card sold around 900,000 PPV.

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