Top 10 Fastest Footballers in the World 2014

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, September 23rd, 2013 | 0

Today we bring you the list of Fastest Footballers in the world, starting with some of the Premier League players we have Gareth bale as one of the fastest left footed player and the other name comes to mind immediately when talking about fastest players is Cristiano Ronaldo but we have some names which will surprise you.

Marvell Wynne net worth#1. Marvell Wynne – Colarado Rapids
Speed: 9.69 meters per second

MLS team Colarado Rapids has a fastest player in their ranks, Marvell Wynne is famous for his speed in Major League Soccer in United States and he can cloak speed upto 9.69 meters per second.
theo Walcott Fastest Player#2. Theo Walcott – Arsenal
Speed: 9.6 meters per second

Theo Walcott was regarded by many the fastest player in Premier League for quite some time now, he can cloak upto 9.6 meters per second, he has had his fair share of success but his first touch and short physical stature never let him get to next level. A good player neverthelss.
Ryo Miyaichi fastest player#3. Ryo Miyach – Arsenal Youth Player
Speed: 9.4 meters per second

Arsenal’s youth star, who was sent on loans couple of times recently can boost speed uptp 9.4 meters per second and if he continue his gameplay improvements the japanese star will soon be featuring in the Arsenal first team squad
Nedum Onuoha fastest Player#4. Nedum Unuoha – Queens Park Rangers
Speed: 9.01 meters per second.

Nedum Unouha who was part of QPR squad in Premier League last season, can record up to 9.01 meters per second speed combining with his physical presence he is one deadlier footballer in the coming years.
Gareth bale fastest player#5Gareth Bale – Real Madrid CF
Speed: 8.77 meters per second.

Former Premier League Star Gareth Bale can cloack upto around 8.77 meters per second and last season when Tottenham played Man City, Bale humiliated Maicon on couple of occasions in the game with his sheer pace on the wings and remember that hattrick he scored against Inter Milan couple of season’s ago ? which announced his stardom on the world’s stage. Now signed up by Real Madrid he will join forces with Ronaldo and Real Madrid counter attacks will be even more deadlier than ever.

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