10 Fastest Bowlers In Cricket History

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Some call it gentlemen’s game, some call it boring but real cricket fans knows this is a game of many arts be it technicalities of batting or art of bolwing. We have seen some of the greatest ahtletes grace the game of cricket and none were more flamboyent than the sheer fast bowlers at the peak. Today we are going to take a look top 10 fastest bowlers in world cricket history.

#1. Shoaib Akhtar – 161.3 km/h

Shoaib Akhtar fastest bowl ever

Talking of speed, first name come to mind is Pakistan’s “rawalpindi express” Shoaib Akhtar who in his peak was the most fearsom bowler to play against. He has dropped down likes of Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar and many other greats in late 90’s and in turn of the millenium. He became the official fastest bowler in the world when in World Cup 2003, game against England he bowled at 161.3 (kilometre per hour) which to date is the fastest bowl recorded.

#2. Shaun Tait – 160.7 km/h

Shaun Tait another Australian who had quite an unsualy action but boy he could produced speed. He bowled consistantly in high 140’s throughout his career and his fastest bowl came against England in 2008, his fastest delivery was measured at 161.1 kmh making him 2nd fastest bowler in the history of cricket.

#2. Brett Lee – 157.8 km/h

Brett Lee was the fastest bowler to have come from Australia, and mind you they have produced a few. Geoff Thomson was one back in 1980’s while recently they had Shaun Tait and Mitchel Johnson. Brett Lee had one of most pleasant looking runner up leading up to full fledge speed, was pretty good at inswinging and out swingers. He was part of 2 World Cup winning Australian teams before injuries limited his career. his fastest bowl came against New Zealand in 2005, odi game in Napier.

#4. Jeffrey Thompson

Before all these modern day speed guns were introduced, we had this Australian great Jeffrey Thompson who was widely regarded by his peers as the fastest bowler in the world. There is no official speed of his bowling bu some research findings point it to 160.4 kmh. But dont believe what you read on internet. Lets just say that he was one of the fastest bowlers cricket has every produced.

#5. Fidel Edwards – 157.7 km/h

Now comes the West indies bowler, Fidel Edwards who rose to fame at quite young age. He was fast very fast but did not have any control over his bowling. His fastest ball is recored at 157.7 kmh back in 2003 against South Africa.

#6. Mitchel Johnson – 156.8 km/h

Mitchel Johnson is another Aussie fast bowler, who recently demolished England in Ashes test series. He can bowl and he can bowl really fast sometime. His career’s fastest bowl came against England in 2013-14 Ashes 4th test match, when he touched magical 156.8 kilometer per hour.

#7. Shane Bond – 156.4 km/h

New Zealand fast bowler Shane Bond was pretty fast as well, his fastest ball was 156.4 km/h came in 2003 world cup which was showpiece event for fast bowlers.

#8. Mohammad Sami – 156.4 km/h

Muhammad Sami was a decent bowler with good speed, he had pace but not good line and length. Played in Pakistan team which always had many great bowlers competing in the playing eleven. His fastest bowl came against Zimbabwe in 2004 in Sharjah

#9. Dale Steyn – 155.7 km/h

from the crop of current fast bowlers, Dale Steyn is by far the best and he backs it up with his consistant performances, and there is more to his ability to bowl on line and lenght and that is some good pace in his bowling. His fastest bowl came against New Zealand at 155.7 km/h

#10. Lasith Malinga – 155.1 km/h

This Sri Lankan fast bowler has a very unique bowling action, at the start of his career he brock havoc in batting orders around cricketing world and he was fast as well. His fastest bowl was recorded at 155.1 km/h against New Zealand in Mumbai 2013 World Cup. Though lately it looks batsman has figured him out and he lost that venom he once had.

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