Top 10 Best Sports Movies In History (Based on True Stories)

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, January 29th, 2014 | 0

Today we are going to take a look at top 10 greatest sports movies of all times. Which include some of the best acting, drama and aderline. Some of them are old, but hey we all know “Old is gold” while a few in the recent times which include the likes of “The Rush”, “Moneyball” and “the fighter”. So lets get into the business of getting you a well researched top 10 ranking of movies you got to watch as a sports fan.

#1. Raging Bull (Robert de Niro) – 1974

Now this was based on autobiography of middleweight champions Jake LaMotta, who’s book got the attention of Robert De Niro who brought it up to director and producer Martin Scorsese. The movie is about a boxer who is more a toxic champions and both inside and outsite the ring his anger, rage not only made him a wife beater at home but also struggle alot throughout is boxing career. here is the trailor.

#2. The Wrestler (2008)

Its a movie which was released a few years ago. Story of a washed up wrestler to whome doctor tells either quite wrestling or die. He decides to quite take a supermarket job and hook up girls and all before a promotor convince him for a famous rematch. Pretty nice movie.

#3. Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) – 1996

Tom Cruise played a role of Jerry Maquire who was players agent and goes through highs and lows of the profession. It was more of a light hearted comedy and drama and turned out to be quite a success.

#4. Miracle (2004)

Its a movie about USA National Ice Hockey side of 1980’s journey to the gold medal against all odds. Movie was quite a success and it was released in 2004 based on “miracle on ice”

#5. Slap Shot (1977)

A very light hearted comedy and this is by far the best Ice Hockey movie ever made. It was released back in 1977 and it feautures a story of a lower league team who go against all odds to win match, not by skill or talent its violent.

#6. Rush (2013)

Its a movie based on real life story of two of the great formula 1 competitors, British F1 playboy kind of star Hunt and Nikki Lauda who was more of a perfectionist when it comes down to racing. It is a movie every racing fan should watch, it has everything, humour, aderline and drama.

#7. The Fighter (Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale) – 2010

One of the best boxing movies of recent times. It follows a real life stroy of two brothers, one is revolves around Micky Ward (Wahlberg) boxer who is trained by his older step-brother Dicky Eklund who was also a former boxer but now retired addicted to crack cocaine. Story follows Micky has he try out of “stepping stone” title and win world championship of his own.

#8. Moneyball (Brad Pitt) – 2011

Its a movie about baseball manager of a team with small budget as they try to compete with the bigger teams and bigger budgets. They analyse players and assemble a pretty cool squad before the go onto 20 games winning streak.

Top 10 best sports movies of all times#9. Invincible (Mark Wahlberg) – 2006

Another movie based on true story, where “Vince Papale” who has a lot of potential but working as a bartendar take trials for Philadelphia Eagles in 1976 and go against odds and get selected. First struggles to adapt to the pace and power of NFL but eventualy come strong and prove to be a hero.

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