Top 10 Best & Cazy Passionate Football fanbases Around World

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Monday, November 25th, 2013 | 0

Todya we birng you the well researched list of top 10 craziest and passionate fanbases around the world. The list has a few english clubs but mostly dominated by the teams from South America and asin/european country turkey.

10. Newcastle United

The toons from newcastle upon tyne, a club which has been a regular in premier league without much of a success, Newcastle United has by far the best fan base in English football of a team which yet to win a trophy for a long period of time, got relegated than promotion but their fans never stop filing st James park to full capacity week and week out.
9. Besiktas

Turkish teams always been around European premier competitions in Europea League & UEFA Champions League, their domestic leage is dominated by three teams in Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray and Basiktas fans come close third if we look at the most passionate fans in Turkey. Sir Alex Ferguson was quoted saying that Besiktas fans are the loudest he has ever seen.

8. Fenerbahce

When you talk about Galatasaray, Fenerbahce is another side which has most passionate fans. The drby game between these two teams is as ferocious as any other derby in the world.

7. Borussia Dortmund

Borussia Dormund fans fill the home stadium for every home game and its hard to buy ticket for Dortmund home games if you are not a club memeber. Dortmund stadium crowd is highly rated and they are very passionate as well.

6. Rangers

Got relegated, penalized but the pride of scotland Rangers fans are one of the best in europe, they are part of the world famous “old firm derby” with Celtic and have contested the Scottish league titles over the years.

5. Galatasaray

Very famous fanbase in europe, gala fans welcome away fans and teams with a sign “Welcome to hell” before every home game. They have been involved in many incidents of violence which is a not good thing to be attached to but thats they way they are.

4. Liverpool

The KOP claim to be the best fanbase in England and in Europe. Liverpool home games are always sold out either they are against Manchester United or newly promoted sides and their world famous slogon “You will never walk alone” has some substance.

3. Celtic

Celtic mostly play with 12 man in the home matches, and that 12 man is their home support. they can be handfull to anyside in europe’s premier competition and famously intimidated and beat Barcelona at home by 1-0 and Barcelona players admitted fans got under their skin and they never player in any place like this before.

2. River Plate

Now we have two Argentina sides on top of the list, the first one is the country’s most successfull side in domestic football and that is river plate who play their home matches at Estadio Monumental and their supoort/fanbase is 2nd only to rivals boca juniors.

1. Boca Juniors

One of the craziest place to watch football is in Buenos Aries, where Boca Juniors play their home matches. Their derby called SuperElclassico against Riverplate has by far the best atmosphere in world football.

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