Top 10 Best Free Kick Takers In Football World 2014

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 | 0

Juninho Pernambucano free kick taker in the world#1. Juninho Pernambucano
When Juninho was playing his trade in European football with Lyon, on many CHampions League nights he light up the highlights with his breath taking set piece skills, he scored all sorts of goal on the free kicks with long yarders to curlers and he definately is the one to be ranked number in for Free Kicks.

sinisa mihajlovic free kick#2. Sinisa Mihajlovic
He is widely known as the best free kick taker ever in Italian Serie A League, over the years he scored around 32 free kicks in his career which include the highlight of a hattrick he scored against Sampdoria in 1998. Definately one of those players to rank right up their when it comes to dead ball skills.

david Beckham Free Kicks#3. David Beckham
England football, who made name for himself through beautiful curling free kick goals, he became a global superstar and had a trademark phrase “Bend It Like Beckham” His free kicks were scored in Premier League, International matches and La Liga. Most important goal of his career was a stunning free kick against greece in World Cup qualifier.

Ronaldinho Free Kicks#4. Ronaldinho
Magician on the ball, Ronaldinho was highly skillfull player both with ball in his feet and running at defenders and also on deadballs where he can curl, dip and hammer the ball in the back of the net. Was easily the best free kick specialist in his time at Barcelona.

zico Free kicks#5. Zico
Zico was dubbed as the origianl free kick specialist, his technique of short start leading up to take the free kick allowed him to put precision rather than power in his free kicks, he was a true free kick great better than many other famous from dead ball scenarios.

Michel Platini free kick#6. Michel Platini 
One of the best players of all time and certainly the greatest player france has produced, Michel Plantini scored some great goals on Free kicks for both his club side Juventus and national team France, His free kick winning goal in World Cup qualifier against Holland allowed france the qualification to the World Cup proper while he also scored in the final of Euro 1984.

Alessandro Del Piero free kick#7. Alessandro Del Piero
Del Piero now playing in the Autralian Football League, was one of the great italian strikers to have graced the game of football. He was a very technichal player and scored some stunning goals from set pieces and in his last season at Juventus he scored 6 times from free kicks.

diego Maradona free kicks#8. Diego Maradona
The greatest player ever in the history of football ? well only pele disagree. Maradona was such a gifted and technichal player that his ability allowed him to take free kicks which would rise and dip at the right time and found back of the net in big games through his set piece skills.

Roberto Carlos Free Kicks#9. Roberto Carlos
Carlos was totaly different than all the above greats, he consistancy of scoring free kicks was quite poor but the lagacy of goals what came out it were absolute thunder bolts.

Zidane free kick#10. Zidane
Another legend of the game, Zidane had this eura about him, in many big games he scored some great goals and was also quite good at taking free kicks

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