Top 10 Best Female Boxers Of All Times

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Best Women Boxers of all time

Boxing is a sports which has been around for ages and some of the fights in different weight class can be huge grossing money spinners, just refer to the one between Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Canelo Alvarez which is regarded as the highest grossing PPV event in the history of boxing, but often Boxing is regarded as men’s game but today we bring you the list of Top 5 best femalte boxers of all times.

Lucia Rijker

The most notable name in female boxing is Lucia Rijker whowas inducted in the hall of fame in 2009 and she finished her career as undefeated with 19 wins of which 14 came as knockouts. She can also be seen in the “Million Dollar Baby” movie apart from that her past profession was kickboxer where she finished undefeated as well. They called her “the most dangerous women on planet” for some reason.

Regina Halmich

A native German who turned boxing professional back in 1994 and shewas regarded as the pioneer of the sport. Halmich retired in 2007 after a massive career record of (54-1-1) and she also has the highest grossing female boxing PPV which sold out and around 8 million tunedin to watch her last fight on TV.

Christy Martin

Her fight with Deirdre Gogarty in 1996 undercard of Tyson-Bruno in Las Vegas was so brutal it left many viewers shocked, while her two fights against St John were regarded as two of the best fights in women boxing. She lost her last fight which was the rematch against St John, she retired with record of 49-7-3 that also include 31 knockouts.

Ann Wolfe

Started his professional sports career in women baskerball in USA, but shejumped into the scene of boxing in 1998 and rightly so, in 2004 her most notable fight came aong where she knocked out the defending champions who went straight to hospital. Ann Wolfe retired in 2006 not before she notched up a 24-1-0 career record, her only defeat came earlyin her career but she revenged that defeat with a knockout in rematch.

Mia St. John

Is a boxer who jumped into boxing scene in 1997 and has been on top of her game ever since, she retired in 2012 after avenging her defeat against Christy Martin. She was successfull both inside the ring and outside of it with many off field ventures like her very own Play Station game, Fitness DVD and TV and commercial appearances which racked up huge some of money.

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