Top 10 Best Cricket Stadiums In The World

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Greatest Cricket Grounds in the world

Cricket is a very popular with three format in the game we get to see some much competitive and great cricket throughout the year and unlike in football where domestic clubs rules in cricket we have 10 International teams playing test matches and ODI matches series with World Cup for 50 overs happen every 4 years while Twenty20 cricket World happens every 2 years. Today we bring you the top 10 list of the greatest and most historic stadiums from cricket world. Lets start with the lords cricket stadium in England, they call it “Home of Cricket”

#1. The Lords, Cricket Ground in London
Established: 1814
First Match: 1884 (The Ashes)

First in line is the ground also known as ” The Lords” has been centre of ICC committe for many years and the stadium itself has so much class history and one of the most important cricket venues in the world and for a cricket fan a must see.

It was established by Thomas Lord back in 1814 and the ground has the name from its founder, It has been the venue for some of the greatest matches in cricket history.

World Cup Finals: (1975, 1979, 1983 and 1999)

The Lords cricket ground is home to the Marylebone Cricket Club, and also the county team Middlesex of London who play their home matches at the Lords.
#2.  The Oval, Kensington London
Capacity: 23,500
First test: 1880

The first test match in England was played at The Oval ground as well as the first ever Football FA Cup final. Oval is the best looking stadium in the world and over the years have been host to manny thrilling Ashes test matches in the past.

It is located very near to the Vauxhall Tube station and that is why one end of the ground is called Vauxall end.

#3. Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Melbourne
Established: 1854
Capacity: Over 95,000

MCG is the largest cricket stadium in the world, just like Lords it has so much history starting with international test matches against England back in 19th Century and till the 1992 World Cup when Pakistan defeated England in the final to win their first World Cup.

Melbourne cricket ground has so much history on its side with hosting the first ever International Test Matches between Australian and England and also the first ever ODI matches in 1971 and against between Aussies and English cricket team and on both occasians Aussies went on to win.

Stadium is located in the heart of the city and year and year out host a boxing day test matches starting on 26th December which draws out huge crowds.

#4. Eden Gardens, Kolkata India
Established: 1864
Capacity: 90,000

one of the most hostile cricket stadium around the world, Eden Gardens is located in the city of Kolkata and has been centre of international cricket since 1934 when England played India. It is the 2nd biggest ground in the world just behind Melbourne cricket ground. Eden Gardens posses a capacity of 90,000 and hosted some of the great games in world cricket famously that 1987 World Cup match against Pakisan which India won 2 wickets.

On the other hand it has been centre of some worst cricket sportsmanship failures, back in 1996 semifinal match between India and Sri Lanka when it looked like Sri Lanka are going to win crowd started buring stuff in the stadium and match had to be stopped and eventually Sri Lanka won it after ICC intervene.

#5. The Wanderers, Johannesburg (South Africa)
First Test Match: 1956 (South Africa vs England)
World Cup 2003 Final: India vs Australia

Johannesburg is an interesting cricket ground because of the way it was build, it has a bull ring style architecture and visiting teams often get under pressure by the home crowd. It hosted the first test match for South Africa which was played in 1956 and the home team lost while the first ODI took place in 1992 after South Africa’s international stature was renewed.

In World Cup 2003, JoBurg hosted the final between Ricky Pontings Australian and Sourav Ganguly’s India. but the most interesting and exciting game of cricket on this stadium is the World record chase by South Africa against Australias while Aussies put together a record total of 434 but South Africa came to bat with intent and with crowd behind them we saw one of the great cricket games.

#6. Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney (Australia)
Established: 1884
Capacity: 46,000

Sydney Cricket ground in Australia is another great looking stadium where historic games has been player, it was established back in 1864 and has been a regualr on interantional scene hosting many new year’s eve test matches. It is also famous for some controversial test moments over the years one I can remeber from top of my head was incident involving Harbahan Singh and Andrew Symonds.
#7. The WACA, Perth (Australia)
Capacity: 24,000

Another Australian ground with great history behind it, Waca pitch is always famous for its bounce and fast track where some of the greatest bowlers put up magnificent bowling performances over the years. Most recently Brett Lee has enjoyed great success on this ground.

Its a modern day stadium now with many sports been played on this ground with Cricket, AFL and rugby matches are hosted in Perth cricket stadium.
#8. Old Trafford, Manchester (England)
Established: 1854
First Test: 1884 (Australian England)

Another United Kingdom stadium with great history and its located just 5 minutes away from the famouse football Old Trafford Stadium. Old Trafford cricket stadium was built back in 1857 but the first official test match was played in 1884. Old Trafford is the third ground behing Lords and Oval which was hosted more test matches in England.
#9. Newlands, Cape Town (South Africa)

Another South Africa stadium which hosted many great cricket matches is Cape Town, it is iconin and the beautfull ground in the world with the twilight of sunset pouring on the ground when play goes from day to night is one of the most beautiful cricket sights.

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