Top 10 Best Bodies in Sport Today

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Sunday, March 2nd, 2014 | 2

Well we all know probably two most famous bodies in this world belong to  fabulous Jennifer Lopez and even more fabulous Kim Kardashian but today we would like to take a look at best women`s Bodies in sports! So than relax and take a look at 15 hot girls and their bumpers! Enjoy!

1. Maria Sharapova


Hot Russia tennis player,her measueremnts are very proportional what makes her even more sexy! She has slim waist,small firm breast and very very shapely ass as you can see!

2. Dominika Cibulkova


Next hot tennis player,her short 5 foot-3-inch height does not take her beauty away,especially backside shows how good she is!

3. Elsa Baquerizo


Elsa is a Spanish beach volleyball player,she plays with Liliana Fernández,we must admitt Elsa`s butt is pretty good!

4. Francesca Piccinini


Francesca is a female volleyball player from Italy,we can see her  amazing Italian aces  from every side,especially from back!

5. Natalie Gulbis


Natalie is an American professional golfer,as we can see she is also a professional model and her butt…hmmm…

6. Amanda Beard


Amanda is an American swimmer,seven time Olympic medalist and her ass deserves medal as well I guess?

7. Liliana Fernandez


Liliana is a Spanish volleyball player and partner of Elsa Baquerizo,apart from that she is a good player she has other assets like great body including butt.

8.Tanyka Renee


Tanyka is a professional full-tackle football player and playbol model as well…moreover model ass definitely!

9. Alex Morgan


Lisa is an American hot soccer player,so If we had more soccer players like her we would go nasty,wouldn`t we?

10. Lisa Guerrero


Guererro is an American journalist,actress,former sportscaster,host and model,she is also the owner of great butt!

11. Leryn Franco


Leryn is a Paraguayan model and athlete,she specializes in the javelin throw.What you say about her well-trained bumper?

11. Anna Kournikova


Kournikova-our another “tennis shot”! Is there anybody who has never heard about her? I don`t think so..but what you guys say about her ass?Does she deserve “best body in sport”?

12. Serena Williams


Serena Williams- probably the most famous tennis player,very successful in sport and lucky having such a great bumper!

13. Megan Abubo


Megan is a professional female surfer from Hawaii with professionally made butt:)

14. Victoria Vanucci


Victoria,oh Victoria! Vanucci used to play tennis and now she is playing with us showing her humps!What you think guys?

15. Alana Blanchard


Alana is a professional American female surfer and occasional bikini model..Alana don`t give up and show us more!:)

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