Banned Cricket Players Because Of Match Fixing Scandals

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List of banned cricket players in the world

Cricket over the years have had many controversies and today we bring you the top 10 list of players who have been banned from international and domestic cricket.

Saleem Malik (Pakistan)
Banned In: 2000 (Life Ban)
Scandal: Match Fixing

Malik was a prominant middle order Batsman for Pakistan with a career spaning more than 14 years. Salim Malik was charged with Life ban on cricket by pakistan board and ICC back in 2000 after Rashid Latif opened up and many cricketers from Pakistan came under the fire. Maliks was accused of giving bribes to players for match fixing.
Ata-ur-Rehman (Pakistan)
Banned In: 2000 (Life Ban)
Scandal: Relations with Bookmakers

Another Pakistani player who came under fire after that year 2000 controversy which took Pakistan cricket by strom. Ata-Ur Rehman was guilty of having relations with Bookmakers in India and England.
Mohammad Azharuddin (India)
Banned: Life Ban
Scandal: Relations with Bookmakers

Another very prominant Indian players Muhammad Azharudin was Captain of India when he came under fire, and was banned by BCCI for him involving in some suspecios activities as decision on toss (who is going to bat first and 2nd) and having relations with bookmakers.
Manoj Prabhakar (India)
(5 Years Ban)

He opened up about many players that they are invovled in some sort of fixing but it came back to haunt him as BCCI foung him guilty and banned for 5 years from International Cricket.
Ajay Jadeja (India)
(5 Years Ban)

Another player who was banned with Prabhakar was Ajay Jedeja, who allegedly had ties with many bookmakers.
Hansie Cronje (South Africa)
(Banned for life)

By far the biggest incident was when Hansie Cronje the South African captain who got caught and proven guilty of taking money for fixing games. He later died in a crash.
Herschelle Gibbs (South Africa)
6 Months
Another name from South Africa who was banned for just 6 months for his ties with Hansie Cronje saga but was not proven guilty to have actually played any part in the deal.
Marlon Samuels (West indies)
(2 Years Ban)

Marlon Samuesl was banned for 2 years after he was proven guilty of passing out team information to bookies before the West Indies World Cup game.
Mohammad Amir, Salman Butt and Muhammad Asif (Pakistan)
5 Years Ban

Muhammad Amir was the biggest name after Cronje to be foung guitly of spot fixing in a series against England in United Kingdom. He along with Muhammar Amir and Salman Butt were accused of taking money to bowl no balls in a test match on a certain overs delievery.

Some Other Names who got caught in Domestic Cricket:

TP Sudhindra India

Mohnish Mishra India

Amit Yadav India

Abhinav Bali India

Shalabh Srivastava India

Danish Kaneria Pakistan

Mervyn Westfield England

Shariful Haque Bangladesh

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