Wimbledon 2013 Predictions

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Wimbledon Predictions 2013

We are in the 2nd round of the Roland Garros and this rain delays all the time hurting prospect of some good tennis, so in the rain delay break i decided to Predict who might win the Wimbledon 2013 what chances the top 4 have going into the event, Andy Murray who will be fresh as he has opted out of French Open due to injury, while Nadal is slowly getting back to his best, Federer will always give you his extra in Wimbledon and than Novak Djokovic who has been sensations in last couple seasons.

Wimbledon 2013 Predictions – Who will win the big prize:

Novak Djokovic:
He had couple of very good season in tennis and will go into the Wimbledon 2013 as one of the hot favourites Nadal and Murray, Djokovic However is a player player at hard and grass courts, won wimbledon title back in 2011 and will go into the event as favourite.

Chances: Will duel it out again with Nadal in either the semis or finals, but this time he will come out on top and get some French Open revenge.

Andy Murray:
Murray won the US Open last year to finish of a great year in tennis, though he lost the final of Wimbledon against Federer but defeated him in the Olympics to win the Gold Medal. Last year Murray showed that he has the potential to win the grand slams that he covets more than any other Grand Slam. Murray’s form during clay season in 2013 was incredibly worrying, and even though a back injury set him back, I just don’t think he’s going to be able to find health or form in time to win a Grand Slam in front of his hometown crowd. He have been practicing on grass court though “Grass takes time to get used to. I’ve been on it for 10 days or so now and that’s probably a week longer than I would have had if I’d been at the French.”

Chances: He will win Wimbledon someday, but it won’t be this year. In fact, I don’t even see him making the second week.

Rodger Federer:
ederer typically does great the first week against the draw, but will need great energy deep in the second week, He is aging and not the 2006 Federer who was winning grand slams at will (well lets not talk about Roland Garros here), but is he one of the best still in 2013 ? Absolutely he is and if he can remain fit and get some favourable draws in the Wimbledon he can go all the way to the finals again. But I can not see him winning a grand slam this year.

Chances: Semifinal at most. but would love to see another rematch of 2012 Wimbledon between Murray vs Federer cant see it happening one way or the other.

Rafael Nadal:
What a comback to the tennis scene, 8th French Open an 12 Grand Slams. He would have been one of the best players ever, if these persistant injuries did not ruin his chances of winning so many grand slams. His knees are week and on grass court he is not the best anyway.

Chances: I will be pleasantly surprise if he can make it the semifinals, he is going to struggle on grass courts, got knocked out in the 2nd round last year and need a good draw to get into the later stages.

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Final Predictions: I can see Murray and Djokovic both making it into the semifinals with ease, and if they are lucky to avoid themselves there might be a final between the two, Djokovic has to bring his A game in the event to be successfull and I can surely see him winning this one. You can watch Free live streaming of Wimbledon Here

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