Roger Federer Wimbledon Outfit Shoes 2013

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Roger Federer the greatest tennish player of this century by a mile and probably the best ever with 17 grand slams to his name, will go into the Wimbledon Tennis Championship 2013 as one of the favourites to go all the way and actually win it but what Nike has in store for him as far as his outfit and footwear are concerned, lets take a look Roger Federer 2013 Wimbledon Outfit and shoes.

Roger Federer Nike Wimbledon outfit

Since wimbledon tennis championship only supports white outfits Nike designed the federer out fit with the polo shirt design and collar, there is orange nike logo in the left side of the shirt and apart from that its all white in colour. while he also have wristbands on both hands while the shirts is matching with the top in all white. Take a look at the following released picture by Nike on 12 june which shows complete range of outfit and accessories which Federer wil be supporting.

What Federer Outfit costs ?

Sweatbands – £6
Zoom Vapor 9 Tour shoes – £100
Premier RF Shirt – £45
Bandana £11
Shorts – £38

Federer Wimbledon 2013 outfit

Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour Shoes

Dri-Fit Premier Shorts

We will be placing more tennish outfits and accessories stuff, let us know what you would like to see at TSMPLUG.COM in terms of tennis. We have already covered Nadal and Federer Outfits while all Wimbledon stuff is already posted like Wimbledon TV Channels, Wimbledon Schedule and draw, Wimbledon live stream page. so you may want to bookmark this site to keep up with tennis

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