Roger Federer Outfit US Open 2013 Shoes

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Roger Federer crashed out of the Wimbledon in the 2nd round along with Nadal and now both of the Nike athletes will be gearing up for the upcoming US Open 2013 which will be in September 2013 and we will be placing all the outfits for the US Open 2013 of men and women players in the top seed.

Today we reveal the US Open 2013 Out fit for Roger Federer by Nike and his Nike Zoom Shoes which he will be using in the big grand slam and the last major of the year.

Roger Federer Day & Night Shirts for US Open 2013 – Confirmed
Following are the official pictures of Roger Federer Day & Night kit for the FedeX, the day Nike kit is white/light gey colour and its comes with Dark Grey polo collar.

Roger Federer Official US Open 2013 Outfit

Federer US Open 2013 outfit possible

Federer US Open Outfit 2013

These designs are not confirmed yet, but the official release date of Roger Federer outfit is around 18th July 2013 and we will be placing the official pictures of Federer Kit and boots on the day of release.

Roger Federer US Open 2013 Nike Vapor 9 Tennis Shoes:
Federer has been supoorting Nike Vapor 9 Shoes in his recent grand slams, and we can expect the same and here are possible leaked images of the boots Federer will be wearing. here are the couple of pictures which quite possibly be Roger Federer Shoes in the US Open 2013.

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