Jim Courier Explains Why Rafael Nadal’s Career Won’t Last as Long as Roger Federer

by Vishal Gajaria | Posted on Sunday, December 21st, 2014 | 0

Former World No.1 Jim Courier believes that Rafael Nadal’s career won’t last as long as Roger Federer, since the latter possess an effortless style of play while the former has a grueling baseline style of play.

Courier, who won 4 Grand Slam titles during his career, said that the amount of energy exhibited by Nadal from the baseline is way over what Federer uses up with his serve-and-volley technique.

“The amount of energy that he expends per shot, if you could compare that to Rafa, I think would be substantially less,” Courier said of Federer, as quoted by Tennis-X.

He continued: “He’s not exerting himself as much, because it looks like he’s in a ballet performance out there instead of sort of combat the way Rafa looks like, I think it’s easy to guess that Rafa is not going to have the type of longevity that Roger is enjoying right now.”

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