Eugenie Bouchard meets fan who tattooed her face on his forearm

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Thursday, July 18th, 2019 | 0

Eugenie Bouchard surprised Michael, an ardent fan of hers, who got her face tattooed on his entire forearm.

The Canadian tennis player took to social media to share a couple of videos from the meet-up.  

“This is insane. How do I deserve such a dedicated fan? If you told 8 year old me that I would one day affect someone so much they would permanently alter their body in my honour…I wouldn’t have believed it,” Bouchard wrote the caption to her 1.71 million followers on Twitter.

“Michael told me I inspire him to do many things, like to go to work everyday, or sometimes even just to get up in the morning. Hearing this makes my heart the happiest it could ever be,” she added.

Bouchard, further, showed off her sense of humour by joking Michael will have to be her fan for all his life, something that makes her think he’s a “psycho”.

“And….. now he is forced to be a fan for life lmao. Part of me thinks you’re psycho Michael. Hope you don’t regret it lol.” (CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO)

No wonder, Michael couldn’t believe meeting his favourite player in person. “The dream has come true. Today I met with Eugenie Bouchard. I can’t believe it. You’re amazing. I wish you all the best,” he wrote.

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old Bouchard has been going through a rough patch on court. She has been no a seven-match losing streak (6-11 overall in 2019), having lost in the first rounds of Wimbledon, and more recently, at the WTA event in Lausanne earlier this week.

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