Australian Open 2014 Schedule of Play

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Australian Open Live Stream

Australian Open is the first grand slam of the year and its getting more and more popular every year, this years event will start on 8th January 2014 in down under australia and we will see all the big stars in tennis circuit fighting it our for one of the 1 bing events in tennis calender next year.

Stage Dates Time
 Qualifying  8 Jan 2014  10:00am
 Qualifying  9 Jan 2014  10:00am
 Qualifying  10 Jan 2014  10:00am
 Qualifying  11 Jan 2014  10:00am
 1ST ROUND  13 Jan 2014  11:00am
 1ST ROUND  14 Jan 2014  11:00am
 2ND ROUND  15 Jan 2014  11:00am
 2ND ROUND  16 Jan 2014  11:00am
 3RD ROUND  17 Jan 2014  11:00am
 3RD ROUND  18 Jan 2014  11:00am
 4TH ROUND  19 Jan 2014  11:00am
 4TH ROUND  20 Jan 2014  11:00am
 Quarterfinal Singles  21 Jan 2014  11:00am
 Quarterfinal Singles  22 Jan 2014  11:00am
 Semifinals  23 Jan 2014  11:00am
 Semifinals  24 Jan 2014  3:00pm
Women Final  25 Jan 2014  3:00pm
Mens Final  26 Jan 2014  6:00pm


Aussie Open schedule of play is divided into two session everyday, first one gets underway at 11:00 AM which is the morning session while the evening session starts at 5 PM everyday.

Women Final will be played on 25 January 2014 while Men’s final will be played on 26th January at around 6 PM australian time.

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