Andreas Seppi Vs Tommy Haas (Tennis): Live stream, Head to head, Prediction, Lineups, Preview, statistics, Watch online, TV info

by Toqui Tahmid | Posted on Monday, June 15th, 2015 | 0

Andreas Seppi Vs Tommy Haas – preview

Andreas Seppi Vs Tommy Haas

Match Information –

Match of – Andreas Seppi Vs Tommy Haas

Type – Gerry Weber Open

Date – 15thJune 2015

Time – TBA

Venue – TBD

Live Broadcasters –

The match will be available on the internet and thus anyone with a valid internet connection will be able to watch this match live from there. It will also be broadcasted locally in different local TV Channels for local viewers.

Head to Head –

Matches Played – 6

Seppi – 1

Haas – 5

Tie/ Abandon – 0

Personal Information –

Here is all the personal information about both players –

Tommy Haas –

Country – Germany

Height – 188 cm

Stance – Right Handed (one handed back hand)

Prize Money – $13,112,533

Record –

  • Matches – 876
  • Wins – 561
  • Losses – 315
  • Draw/ abandon – 0

Titles – 15

Highest ranking – 2

Current Ranking – 177

Andreas Seppi –

Country – Italy

Height – 190 cm

Stance – Right handed (two handed back hand)

Prize Money – $5,867,211

Record –

  • Matches – 520
  • Wins – 249
  • Losses – 270
  • Draw/ abandon – 0

Titles – 3

Highest ranking – 18

Current Ranking – 41

Preview –

This match is going to be one hell of a close match. Seppi, who is ranked higher and is doing better in recent days will be the underdog in this match despite his recent achievement. He is a good player and he will not let his opponent wins so easily but it can not change facts like he is still in the back foot for this match. But he has quite a good chance of winning this match as well.

Haas, who we are thinking as the favorite is there for quite a few reasons. First, he is older and much more experienced. Secondly, he is a well-balanced player and can cope up with any situation and lastly, he has a very good record against this particular opponent. These things keeps him at the top.

Prediction –

We predict that Tommy Haas will win this match but anything can happen in this close match.

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