John Isner blasts Lleyton Hewitt’s ‘racist’ past over Justin Gimelstob tweet

by Ajit Singh Khanna | Posted on Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 | 0

John Isner has hit back at Lleyton Hewiit over the latter’s tweet on former tennis player Justin Gimelstob.

Gimelstob, who happens to be the coach of Isner besides being on the board of Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), was recently accused of assaulting and threatening an aide.

Hewiit, a former world No. 1, expressed his displeasure, calling for the ATP to ‘lead by example and do something about this’, reports Fox Sports Australia.

The comments didn’t go down well with Isner, who gave his coach the benefit of doubt.

“Of course Justin is very close to me, as a friend and as a coach,” Isner was quoted as saying.

“But even if he wasn’t, at the current time I would still support him because he’s innocent until proven guilty.

“We’ll know the facts soon enough. It might not be a popular opinion, but as of now, I have to give Justin benefit of doubt.”

“I don’t think (Gimelstob) should take a leave right now. We don’t know the facts yet. Hewitt doesn’t know the facts, either.”

Furthermore, Isner digged Hewitt’s past by touching on the incident involving James Blake, where the Australian was accused of being racist.

“He’s the guy who was involved in his own nasty situation with (former tennis star) James Blake, and I’m not calling for his head, or for him to step down from working with Tennis Australia.

“He’s being arrogant.”

Here’s what had exactly happened back at the 2001 US Open.




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