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All blacks rugby shirts are by far the most selling products in rugby equipment and they are very iconic in world of rugby and in sports in general. New Zealand won the Rugby World Cup 2011 and that is somthing which is embeded on the shirt inside the collar area. the exact words are “1987 World Champions 2011” and that will make any rugby fan proud of wearing all blacks.

Material and Kit design:
THe official kit designers and suppliers are Adidas the german sports good manufacturer and the All blacks shirt is made of from 100% polyester which is designed in a way that it will absob all the sweat from your body leaving it dry and comfortable.

New Zealand Rugby shirt 2014

Official Sponsor: this is the first time that New Zealand will be supporting a company logo on their shirt, and the company is AIG who also sponsored Manchester United football team in the past.

New Zealand will be wearing new 2013-14 shirts throughout the 2013-14 season starting with the Four nations rugby championship

For New Zealand Rugby fan it is a must shirt you got to own, and like we said it before this is the most in demand and hot selling shirt in anywhere in Rugby playing nations. we will be placing more information about where and how can you get your hands on this shirt around the world.

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