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Jon Jones net worth Jon Jones Net Worth$12 Million
Career disclosed earnings$1,468,000
Average purse per fight in2013$700,000
Endorsement earnings – around $1 Million
Brands – Nike, Gatorade
Age: 26

Jon Jones also known as Bones Jones is MMA fighter and currently placed 2nd in the pound for pound ranking in MMA. Many expert believe that Jon Jones will be the first MMA fighter to break into the Forbes yearly list of 100 highest paid athletes and it might happen in 2014. Jon Jones averages a purse of $1 million every time he fights in octagon and how much he makes and where do he spend his money ? lets take a look.


Jon Jones Average UFC Purse – earnings per fight

Jon Jones has build up quite some reputation not only in American but also outside of it. He is one of the biggest draw in MMA right now and at the fairly young age of 26 he has several years left in him. So how much he gets paid to fight in UFC ?

Showup money – $200,000
Winning bonus – $200,000
PPV buys share – $.50 to $1 (per every buy)

So basicaly he pockets $200k just to show up for the fight and he gets another $200K for winning bonus (which he does always) and than there is myth of PPV buys bonus which can be around $1 for every buy if the ppv sale is greater than 375,000. It can reach $3 for every PPV buy if the sales go beyond 900,000.


Jon Jones Endorsement Deals:

Jon Jones had a wonderfull year of 2013 and he is tipped to be even bigger star next year as Anderson Silva might retire and Georges St Pierre has left the sport and UFC need one marque name to build their brand around.

Jone Jones signed and endorsement deal with Nike back in 2012 and they have launched his very own training apparel and fighting shoes. the exact figur of endorsement money from Nike is not know but it should be around $1 million a year.

Another of JJ Bones endorsements is garorade which he signed in 2013.

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