B.J. Penn Net Worth

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B.J. Penn Net Worth – $20 million

Earnings Per Fight – $1 m
Yearly Income – $5 m
Endorsement Earnings – $1 million a year
Major Brands: 180 Guard, Hayabusa
Sport: MMA
: 35

BJ Penn is regarded as one of the biggest stars in UFC’s short history, Forbes list him as the richest MMA fighter in the world at the moment with total net worth of over $20 Million. He gets paid to fight in MMA fighters mainly in UFC where he is guaranteed $200,000 just to showup in the fight plus $200,000 for winning bonus and he is one of few stars who also recieve big incentives by taking share of PPV sales.


How Rich is BJ Penn ?

He has been fighting for a long time as in Mixed Martial Arts, big breakthrough came in UFC and he has been a regular fixture in the ultimate fighting championship. He has a few endorsement deals under his belt and takes home $400,000 if he wins a fight and in the last few years he also get incentive of PPV sales depending on the number of PPV buys. Roughly speaking he can make $1 from a fight on average.

Family Money ?

He is from a very wealthy family and has a portfolio of properties, and most of his $20 million net worth comes from Family money and the business he shares with his brothers.

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