Anderson Silva Net Worth

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Ander Silva Earnings salary 2014Anderson Silva Net Worth$21 million

Earnings Per Fight – $600,000 m
Yearly Income – $3.5 m
Endorsement Earnings – $1 Million a year
Major Brands: Burger King, Nike, Corinthians
Sport: MMA
: 38

Anderson Silva who recently got his leg broken in a horrific collision with the opposing fighter, is a 38 year old martial arts fighter currently fighting in UFC. He was born in Sao Paolo and he has been a MMA fighter for 2 decades now and he also has the longest winning streak in MMA history. His total net worth is believed to be around $21 to $25 Million and in the recent years his income per fight his gone up a notch and he is guaranteed $600,000 for every fight.


Anderson Silva Yearly income & Purse per fight

Silva can make around $5 to $8 million a year with his fighting ufc salay and winning bonus plus he also has PPV buys income on top of that he has been getting alot of endorsments in sports.

Anderson Silva UFC 162 Purse

Showup fee: $600,000
Winning Bonus: $200,000
PPV Share: $1 for every buy

So the total money could reach around $1 Million from the nights work.


Anderson Silva Endorsement Deals:

In the recent past Silva has got massive recognition of his winning streak in UFC and his skills. Following the footsteps of Georges St-Pierre Silva has setup connection with a marketing company called “9ine” which helped his financial stuff off the octagon in great success.

He signed a endorsement deal with Burget King recently and now he also have signed deals with “Nike” and Brazilian football club Corinthians and his yealy income from the endorsments are believed to be around $1 Million

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