Top 10 Twitter Most Followed Footballers 2014

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 | 0

Social Media and Sports are pretty much on the parallels now and players in every sports category keep themselves connected with their fans through social media sites like Facebook but most importantly Twitter. But who has the most followers ? Here is the complete statitics of Top 10 footballers with most following.

Ronaldo Twitter Followers#1. Cristiano Ronaldo
Twitter Followers: 19 Million

Ronaldo is by far the most followed footballer in the world on Twitter, and as good as he is on the pitch his model looks also make him get more followers.

Kaka Twitter Followers#2. Kaka
Twitter Followers: 16 Millions

You would think it will be Leo messi or Neymar David Beckham or someone like that but now Its Ronaldo’s team mate at Real Madrid Kaka who interestingly has more than 16 Million followers

#3. Neymar Jr
Twitter Followers: 7 Millions

Neymar showed glimbps of his superb form and talent in Confederations Cup, and his move to Barcelona will also get him huge number of followers when the season start and he puts on Barcelona kit. He is already third on the list with 7 Million just behind Kaka and Ronaldo.

#4. Ronaldinho
Twitter Followers: 6.6 Millions

Former World Cup winner and Barcelona player Ronaldinho played his time in Europe with a smile on his face and he made people happy with beautiful football, no wonder he is 4th on the list with more than 6 Million followers

#5. Wayne Rooney
Twitter Followers: 6.5 Millions

England most followed player Wayne Rooney, once called the boy wonder and manchester United striker has almost the same followers as Ronaldinho.

#6. Andreas Iniesta
Twitter Followers: 6.3 Millions

Part of the most successfull National side ever spain, and most successfull club tema in the world Barcelona, Iniesta is class and it reflects how much fans he has around the world.

#7. Gerard Pique
Twitter Followers: 6.2 Millions

Gerard Picque is 7th on the list with 6.2 followers and Barcelona defender is young and also is regular with Spanish side, but still how many followers shakira sent to his profile, you can imagine

#8. Cesc Fabregas
Twitter Followers: 5.3 Millions

Former Arsenal player, now playing for his beloved Barcelona side Cesc Febragas has just over 5 Million followers and that is kind of a surprise.

#9. Carlos Puyol
Twitter Followers: 5 Millions

#10. Xabi Alonso
Twitter Followers: 5 Millions


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