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Social Media has integrated into every sport over the last decade and now teams around the world want to have live interaction with the followers and Social Media success and we bring you all the statistics about who has the most following on Facebook and twitter.

We will start with the Facebook, where Barcelona has taken over as the leading football club in the world in terms of page likes, they have just crossed 42 Millions followers which is aroune 3 Million more than the 2nd place side Real Madrid. WHile Manchester Untied who for long occupied the top position has fallen to third place behind two European spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona.


Position Club Likes
1 Barcelona club value FC BARCELONA 43 Millions 43,315,493 Official Page
 2 Real Madrid value in DollarsREAL MADRID  39 Millions 39,536,863 Official Page
 3 Manchester United Value 2013MANCHESTER UNITED  34 Millions 34,252,519 Official Page
 4 Chelsea club value 2014 CHELSEA FC 18 Millions 17,718,715 Official Page
5 AC Milan Club value 2014 AC MILAN 16 Millions 16,568,715 Official Page
6 Arsenal football club value ARSENAL 14 Millions 14,285,546 Official Page
 7 liverpool value LIVERPOOL 12 Millions  12,320,329 Official Page
 8 Bayern Munich club value  BAYERN MUNICH 8 Millions 7,588,236 Official Page
 9 Juventus club value JUVENUTS 7 Millions 6,739,713 Official Page
10 How much Manchester City valueMANCHESTER CITY  6 Millions 5,646,031 Official Page


#1. FC Barcelona – 43 Millions Like
“More Than A Club”

Barcelona reached 32 Millions like on Official Barca Facebook page back in Early 2012 and they have been growing so fast and over taken United and Real Madrid and now stands first in the list of most followed clubs in the world with 43 Millions like on the page making them by far the most followed club in the world.

#2. Real Madrid 39 Millions:
” 9 Champions League trophies”

Real Madrid is by far the most successfull club in Europe with 9 Champions League titles and with Ronaldo in the side they have over 39 Millions likes on official page of Real Madrid and the figures are growing. ————————————————————————————————————————————

#3. Manchester United FC 34 Millions:
“Most Successfull English Club”

#4. Chelsea 18 Millions:
“European Champions 2012”

Chelsea fan base has grown significantly over the last decade since Roman Abrahimovic took over the club and the fact that they are the most successful team in the last 10 years have help get them more likes on facebook. ———————————————————————————————————————————— #5. Arsenal FC 14 Millions:
“Official Facebook page of Gunners”

Arsenal are a very solid side when it comes to social media interaction with the fans, they have over 14 Million likes on official Arsenal page.


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