Greatest Central-Midfielders of all-time

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In world of football when we talk about the greatest players to have played the game sometime we only focus on strikers or players who score goals forget about the engine of the team which is midfielders. It is by far the most important position team where team take control of the match, help defence and ignite the attacks in football words {strings are pulled from central midfield” since it is very important position who are the greatest ever players to have played as CM’s ? well here is the Top 5 players which we think are the best in this sort of position.

1. Alfredo Di Stefano
River Plate, Real Madrid,& Spain

Di Stefano Best midfielder of all time ?

One of the finest players the world football has seen, he is top goal scorer for Real Madrid played Started his career at River Plate joined Millionares before moving to Real Madrid, he has scored around 216 goals in less than 300 matches and only Raul have scored more than the legendry Madrid player, Because of his goal people oftem mis understant that he was a striker, the fact is that he was pulling the strings for Real madrid in the midfield helping out the defense and scoring goals as well what made him one of the best players of his generation and Real Madrid 1950′ and 60′ success is more a less down to this great man.

2. Zinedine Zidane
Bordeaux, Juventus, Real Madrid & France)
Zidane Best Player of all times

The best player of his generations which has some massive names, won the World Player of the Year 3 times and started his career in France before moving to Italy where he won it all a player can, 2 Italian League titles, 1 domestic and than he moved to Real Madrid in the club record fee at that time, won La Liga title, Super Cup and the Champions League in 2003 and who will forget that left footed volley in the final against Bayern Leverkuson ?

While his real success came with the national side he was part and a very important part of the French national side who won the FIFA World Cup 1998, European Championship 2000 and he almost single handedly won France FIFA World Cup 2006 but he hit the lowest point of his career in the final when after scoring a delightful penalty he headbutt Metrazi and got sent off and ultimately France lost the final.

3. Johan Cruyff
Ajax, Barcelona, Feyenoord & Holland)
Cruyff best player for Holland

A Dutch maestro who have litup the football world with his super technique and passing ability, A ajax academy prodigy went on to become one of the great players to have played in Spain for barcelona, Cruyff was Purveyor of the great football philosophy, “Total Football” and his passing which was second to none in the game due to the fact that he had such a wonderful vision which helped Barcelona and Dutch national side over years.

He is such a massive name in Dutch football where he dominated in his playing career winning 9 Dutch League titles, 6 Dutch Cups while with Barcelona a Spanish league title, a Domestic cup and also three European Cups in a row with Ajax and Barca. His legendry total football dutch side lost against Germany in the Fifa World Cup 1974 Final although Holland with their “total football” Philosphy dominating all the teams they played against, while in the 1978 final they again lost but this time against home favourites Argentina in their own backyard.

4. Xavi Hernadez
FC Barcelona & Spain
Xavi Hernadez best midfielder of all time

One of the best central midfielder of 21st Century his success has been second to none, playing in the heart of midfield with both Barcelona and Spain he has won everything a player can. With Barcelona he has won 5 Spanish League titles, 3 UEFA Champions League titles, 7 Cups while with Spain he has won everything 2008 Euro Championship, 2010 FIFA World Cup and again 2012 European Championship and if Spain can win the World Cup next year in Brazil he will be regarded as by far the best midfielders in terms of silverware success.

5. Sir Bobby Charlton
Manchester United & England

A Manchester United legend who have won it all in his long but illustrious career with span around 1950’s to 1970’s and his success with Manchester United was 3 league titles, FA Cup and with England he went on to win the FIFA World Cup 1966 which to date is the only major trophy england has won.

He has been a Manchester United man through and through making around 750 appearences for the Manchester based club, and he still is the leading goal scorer for the side, while with England he has scored 49 goals and again to date he is the leading scorer for England.

6. Lothar Matthaus
Bayern Munich, Inter & Germany
Lothar Matthaus all time best midfielder defensive

The greatest defensive midfielder of all times, been part of 5 world cups for German sides winning 1 world cup, 1 European Championship and played for two of the best German clubs winning 7 league titles and 6 German domestic cups while he was also part of Inter Milan side who won the Serie A title.

These are the greats from past who have made the Central Midfield position of their own, they could score goals, creat goals, assist goals, help defense control match and most importantly win matches for their teams. Their can be some other worthy names like from Spain Barcelona who should be mentioned here,

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