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Top 10 Sports Athletes on Top of their game in 2013

here is a top 10 list of sports players/athletes on top of the game at the moment in 2013 season, in 2012-13 season Mayweather has been the best athlete in the World with couple of great wins against Guerrero and Cotto and he can top it off with a win against Canelo Alvarez in September 14, while Tiger Woods is getting back to his best in golf, Andy Murray won US Open in 2012 and got the achievement of his career by winning Wimbledon 2013, while there are other usual suspects with the likes of Lionel Messi, Ronaldo etc.

Messi richest football player in the world1) Lionel Messi
Barcelona (Argentina)
2012-2013 (60 Goals) :

There is no doubt that Lionel Messi is the best player in the world , and he proves it with his goals scoring ratio , in the past few years he is scoring goals like a Machine , Three times World Youngest Soccer Player and Three times he won the World Player of the Year .

He breaks many records with the FC Barcelona football club , he is one of Highest Paid Players of 2013 , still looking for the 2014 Fifa World Cup , he is Champions League top scorer as well most goals score in one year record holder. He is leading the list of the Best Performing Athletes list .
Ronaldo Twitter Followers2) Cristiano Ronaldo
Real Madrid – Portugal
2012-2013 (55 Goals)

The one big Star who moved from Man Utd to Real Madrid in 2009 and he is the World Player of the year back in 2008 with Man Utd. Ronaldo scored more then 50 goals in the 2012 to 2013 football season .

He had fantastic4 season with Real Madrid and will be eager to keep his level of consistancy in the coming years, he is the most energetic player in the world and also an Best Performing Athletes of 2013.
Mayweather Net worth 2013-20143) Floyd Mayweather
United States
2012-2013 – (2 Fights 2 Wins)

The most expensive and highest paid athlete in the world, Mayweather just keep winning, and best aggressive athlete ever seen in the sports his passion for the boxing is amazing, his current record is awesome he unbeaten so far 44 total fights with 100% record.

His next Fight is against the Saúl Álvarez in September 2013, It is going to be a massive fight a defining moment in Mayweather career, you will find out the match details on the site.
4) Michael Phelps : United States : Swimmer : 2012-2013 :

The Gold man of the Olympics, He breaks records when he comes to swim in an event, Phelps had superb London Games and ran out with 8 Gold medals and 8 world records, he is just awesome in the Swimming, very few sports player can hold such records.

2012 in London Games , Michael Phelps hold 4 golds medals, he win 2 sliver along in the.
Dhoni Total Money5) Mahendra Singh Dhoni : India : Cricket : 2012-2013 ( Champions Trophy 2013 Winning Captain ):
Cricket is a way different game from other sports, but there is a huge knowledge must acquire to control the 11 men squad , the Indian Cricket Team Captain MS Dhoni is one of the Cricket aggressive players , and captain he brings a T20 World Cup to his country , then World Cup 2011 , and in 2013 Champions trophy , now in 2014 there is T20 World cricket world cup he may be prepared for that.

He is the best man on the pitch for the team India he will play with tactics , well lets see what more we have to see from this passionate cricketer.
Shahid Afridi Monthly salary6) Shahid Afridi : Pakistan : Cricket : 2012-2013 : (Best All Rounders 2013 )

Shahid Afridi every one is familiar with this name who scored 100 runs on 36 Balls and create a world record of fastest hundred , He has taken 355 Wickets in Odi and currently looking for the 400 Wickets , Winner of the T20 World Cup 2009 .

In 2013 he is dropped from the squad due to performance problems , but he make a good comeback against the West Indies , Shahid Afridi is the most aggressive athlete in cricket in 2013 and best come backs record holder also.
Andy Murray Networth 20137) Andy Murray : Great Britain : Tennis : 2012-2013 : ( Wimbledon 2013 Winner ):

Andy Murray is a difficult athlete in tennis to predict he wins Gold Medal in London Games 2012 , at his home country and win Wimbledon 2013 in England , his current career is going good so far no injuries . He is enjoying his sports fitness in 2013 and looking for the more title shorts .

The two Grand Slam winner is waiting for the US Open and practising hard for the tennis event well there is more watch this season from the British Tennis star.
Kimi Raikkonen Salary 20138) Kimi Raikkonen : Finland : F1 Lotus Team : 2012-2013 :

Kimi made a comeback to the Formula one after leaving WRC (World Rally Car Racing ) , he joins with Lotus F1 team and he is the 2nd runner up this year so far with 134 Points , and looking to catch the first place to become the champion Once again .

Kimi Raikkonen one of the highest paid athlete of 2008 is being looking curious for the wins , he is the aggressive athlete and fastest man on the Track in 2013.
Usain Bolt Endorsement earnings9) Usain Bolt : Jamaica : Athletics : 2012-2013 ( Olympic Gold Medallist):

The World Fastest man Usain Bolt , the Olympic Gold Medal-list and record breaker , In 2008 olympics Usain Bolt has won 3 gold medals almost all categories in which he participated , created the records , and in 2012 London games he breaks his own records .

He played in NBA Basketball All Star game , In 2013 after Olympics Bolt has won the first medal in the Golden Gala in Italy , Rome , then in London Anniversary Games 2013 .

He is one of the best and most aggressive athlete ever world has seen and he has a huge career left so more medals and Athletics will be seen from him.
Kobe Bryant Salary 201310)Kobe Bryant : United States : NBA-Basketball : 2012-2013 ( Olympic Gold Medal-List)

Kobe is nick named in the Basketball he is called with the name of (Black Mamba), the shirt number 24 player of the Los Angels Lakers , Kobe Bryant has achieved huge success in very short period of time , he is the most followed basketball player on the social media, he got a huge fan following .

He has won 2012 London gold medal from the Basketball category with his team mates of the USA Basketball , the 34 year old has a great passion for basketball he begans his career with a wins . Lets see how much more we have to see from in the 2013 Basketball session .

The List Created after seeing the players current record from 2013 :

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