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ICE HOCKEY 2013 World CUP Live

ICE Hockey World Championships will start from 3 May 2013 and will be played through till 19 May and two Scandinavian countries will be hosting the event in Sweden and Finland. there are two groups in the event and Group Helsinki have 8 teams and all of the matches in this group will be played in Helsinki, Finland while Group Stockholm have 8 teams and matches in this group will all be played here in Sweden.

You can buy tickets for the matches to be played in Sweden on official website called ( ) and we will try to give you the best information so that you can buy tickets for the matches you want to see.

Category 1 = Green
Category 2 = Red
Category 3 = Blue

Dicounts: During the Group Games, you can get a 50% discount on tickets if you buy two tickets for the group matches to be played on the same day.

Follow your team” and you can get a 15% on the tickets if you buy three tickets for the same team. so its not too late to get the good deal and enjoy the summer with ICE Hockey.

Family Games: Following Games, Czech Republic-Bulgaria 3rd of May, Norway-Slovakia 4th of May and Sweden-Slovakia May 11th are Family Games. This means same prices regardless location in the Arena.

ICE Hockey 2013 Sweden Ticket Prices

Here is the prices for the tickets of matches to be played in Sweden in Group Stockholm starting from 3 May 2013 in ICE Hockey World Championships.

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