Ice Hockey World Championship 2013 Teams Matches Schedule

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ICE HOCKEY 2013 World CUP Live

The ICE Hockey world cup for mens will be starting from 3 May 2013 and it will be played through a month and there are 16 teams who are divided into two groups and 4 teams from either group will make it to the quater finals and than of course two semifinals and the big final which will be played on 19th May in Stockholm.

Group games will be played from 3 May to the 14 May while the quarter finals will be played on 16th May while Semifinals will be played on 18th May. This year’s competition will be held in Scandinavian sisters countries Sweden and Finland.

There will be 64 games played through the event taking around 16 days with 16 teams participating from around the world.


ICE Hockey 2013 World Championship Live Stream

GROUP Sweden: Czech Republic, Sweden, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Belarus, Slovenia
GROUP Finland: Russia, Finland, Slovakia, USA, Germany, Latvia, France, Austria

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