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by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Saturday, June 1st, 2013 | 0

Rugby Challenge 2013 download free game

Release Date: 13 June 2013 – Australia & UK
Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC

So its just 10 days to go as new Rugby Challenge 2 game will be released by Alternative Software on 13 June 2013. It is the 2nd in the game series and this time we are sure they have made some interesting changes in the game which will improve the gameplay and the graphics overall for both consoles on PS4 and Xbox 360.

Rugby Challenge 2 The lios tour edition Game features
Game modes: there are alot new features and the game modes which you can enjoy with Career mode the highlight of them all, and of course to much talked about Lions tour of Australian is also playable feature in the game.

Gameplay Improvements: Alternative Software company has introduced some new tweaks in the way you play the game, it will surely make this game better than its previous version which was released couple of years ago.

  1. The new skills range from quick taps and quick lineouts
  2. More control over interceptions
  3. ability to remove players from the ruck
  4. more strategies in the game, custom tactics and ability to form your own match strategies.

Official License: The best thing about the game is its official license rights from more than 100 teams, and many official competitions in the game which will surely keep you rooted with the game for long time. While there are also many new stadiums which count more than 40.

British and Irish Lions Tour 2013 Game mode: You have the ability to be part of the Lions tour by playing in game mode, where you can take control of the lions team and play matches throughout the Australia to claim your supermacy.

Absolutely, if you are a rugby fan. The company have develop games like shrek in the past and from the graphics and game features it looks very interesting but if you are expecting a top notch gameplay with real rugby than probably you should not bother buying as the previous version was more a cartoonic game and this time around they have promised some improvments, but They do have many new licenses from teams and competitions and for a true rugby fan you got to play it.

Rugby Challenge 2 Game Graphics:
Games graphics looks very slick, and there are alot of players who do have real likenesses in the game. While the official sponsors and team make it even more beautifull.

Official Gamepay trailor:

Rugby Challenge 2 Official Download:
You can either download the full game at the official website from the day it is released, or buy a copy at one of the game retailers stors. If you dont want to spend about 50 bucks on this game you can download it free on internet. We will be placing more informations regarding download.

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