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by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 | 0

Football Manger 2014 Wishlist

Here we will be posting all the news about Football Manager 2014 games upcoming release, the prices where to buy and how to pre order the game so that you can get your hands on the best football sim on the day it is released. I know there is still plenty of time left for the next game to comeout which is scheduled to be released in the first week on November in UK and worldwide.

Why Should I pre-order FM 2014 ?
Well if SI goes about the same way as they did last year that the people who will Pre-order the game will get an early access to the BETA version which is a pretty cool thing to have. What is the expectation date when we can start pre-order for the FM 2014 ? Since the game will be out in early November we can expect the pre-orders at around mid-september at places like, Amazone and SI website.

  1. Early access to beta version
  2. FM 14 in your hand on release day

Pre-order notifications System:
You can sign up here for our pre-order notifications, and rest assured we will be providing you details of the pre-order as soon as the start taking them. We will also be providing you details about where is the cheapest options. All you can to do is to put your name and email address here and we will be making sure you are the first one to know the best deals to buy FM 2014.

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Thats not it, on TSMPLUG.COM we will be keeping you updated with all the news, updates and new features of FM 2014. Once the game is released we will start FM scouting where we will post well researched details of wonderkids, strategies and much more. Thats the place and we would like to follow it once the game is out in the meantime however we will keep you updated with much more interesting stuff.

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