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PES 2014 Fox Engine Updates

Both FIFA and PES 2014 edition have been out and FIFA as expected is the hottest selling game alongside GTA V while PES 2014 got some nice reviews. Today were are going to give you some advice and Beginner’s Guide if you are switching from FIFA to PES franchise. First thing you got to remember is that both games are famous for different reasons and those differences we will discuss below.

Learn Quick Passing

If you are switching from FIFA to Pes, the first thing you need to get use to is passing quickly, in Pes its quite hard to retain posession in online ranked matches, you can easly closed down when you have the ball and trick is to learn the art of quick passing. After a few games online you will start to get used it the idea.

Basic Settings:

If you are new to PES, here are some of the recommended setting for you to get started online or offline play. When you get use to the game pace and style than you can tweek and change the setting but to begin with follow these settings.

– Pass support – High (three or four)
– Through-ball type – Advanced
– Shot type – Basic
– Directional Guide – On
– Target Guide – On

Through Ball Tips

If you are new to PES or switching from FIFA, the biggest difference in the game is ability to master through balls in the game, whether they are along the ground or lofted you have to learn about how much power and timeing is required for perfectly timed through ball. Get into to training to get the feel of new system and get use to through balls before you hit ranked matches online.

Translucent Maps:

Another tip is to make the map translucent, as in PES default setting its quite hard to keep track of the field and players so making the map translucent manualy is very good idea.


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