NBA Live 14 PS4 Release Date Demo Updates

by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Tuesday, June 11th, 2013 | 2

NBA Live 2014 game release date

NBA LIVE 14 Game
Developer: EA Sports
Plateforms: PS4 and Xbox one

EA Sports put together a massive show at E3 and there 4 or 5 sports games are leading the way in the upcoming months one of those games are NBA Live which has a massive fanbase and it will be released on PS4 and Xbox360. NBA Live is going to be a massive EA Sports title along with FIFA 14, FIFA street, Madden 25 and NHL game whch are all due to release towards the end of the year in September/october time.

Here we will be reviewing the presentation what EA showed at E3 for the NBA Game, what is the most important news came from EA camp regarding NBA Live 14 was the fact that it will only be released on PS4 and Xbox360 making it exlusive next generation title, last year EA Sports canceled the release of NBA 13 game and choosed to focus on making one great game for the next year now we have the trailor and the few details of the game play etc here.

NBA LIVE 14 New Gameplay Features:

According to EA, now in NBA Live 14 players can dribble with all-new physics-based bounceTEK technology which will make possible some of the trademark moves of some big names from NBA.

EA will implement the live roster updates during the season, just like they do it in FIFA online game modes, which i think is a pretty cool idea.

NBA LIVE 14 RELEASE DATE – September 2013
We dont have enought information about the exact date of release but since it is releasing on next gen consoles PS4 and Xbox one, the release date will be finilized once the consoles are out. More information will be available here as soon as it is available.

NBA Live 14 Gameplay Graphics (PS4, Xbox One)
NBA live is coming out on next gen consoles and we can pretty much assume that graphics will be sick, but the will the gameplay be as good as it ? well if we go with history of EA basketball games we dont think so but maybe they have learned a few lessons from NBA2k14. Here are some of the screenshots released on E3 conference.

NBA Live 14 Graphics details

NBA Live 14 player database

NBA LIVE 14 Gameplay Trailor (PS4 Xbox One)

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