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Download Cricket Captain 2013 free

International Cricket Captain 2013 has been released and is available as a demo download free and you can buy the game on official site of [ ]. The game is only released on PC systems so far but we can expect the Ipad/Iphone version of the game coming out pretty soon.

As a cricket fan i have grown up playing this addictive series which you can compare to the football manager in terms of addiction and the way game is played, of course cricket is not football there is not much of transfers and club managment things but you can coach your team to glory both in domestic and international fronts.

Cricket Captain 2013 Game downloadInternationa Cricket Captain 2013 New Gameplay Features
A new version of the game comes out every year in and around this time of the year and usualy its pretty much the same like last version with a little bit of tweeks here and there but we take a look at how this game is played and what features you can enjoy.

[ All-time greats ] game mode let you take control of the legends of the past in custom squad and series and you will be able to put Sir Vivian Richards agains say Dale Styne (the no 1 ranked bowler in tests right now)

[ Classic Ashes Series ] One more similar game mode is which let you take control of either ENgland or Australia in some of the most famous Ashes Series in the past.

[ International Events ] Want to guide your national side to work cup glory in 50 Over World Cup or Twenty20 World ? well you have these Cup modes to play in.

[ Cricket Captain 2013 Goes Online ] First time in the long running game series of Cricket Captain now you can take control of the National or domestic team and fight your way to the leaderboard online in many formates of the game.

[ Better Squad simulator ] Now like in the real world teams in Cricket Captain will use different, ODI, Test and twenty20 squads, which is a cool thing to have in a cricket game.

[ Improved Match Engine ] We we hear it every team new game comes out, but after playing the demo I can surely say that some of the features has been enhanced like close fielding (catches), and the way team score in the different formats its pretty cool. We no longer will get a team playing in T20 match like its first day of test match.

[ Player Records and Statistics ] Well that is the best part of the game, even if you dont want to play the game buying it is worth it only because of the accurate indepth players stats from around the cricket world all international matches and firt class match are recorded of every player.

First thing we recomend is to download the free demo at the official website of the [ ] and if you are new to cricket Captain 2013 better play the demo for a while than move to buy the game but if you are die hard ICC fan than head to the official website and buy your copy which is only released on the PC System so far but the other plateforms like Iphone/Ipad version will be out soon.

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