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by Sameer Arshad | Posted on Sunday, May 11th, 2014 | 0

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Football Managers is one of the most successful football sim out there and football fans of all ages play the game or have played some point in their life. In the Football Manager 2014 there were many new additions and features introduced in the game which made FM14 one of the best in the series and now we are atleast 6 month away from the release of FM 2015 we decided to draw up a few features which we would like to see in next game.

Improved Scouting System:

The scouting system is pretty solid anyway but we would like to see a few changes, for example increasing the maximum number of scouts for a club to more than 20, specialy the clubs in top tier football leagues.

Tactical Analyst:

Ability to hire a tactical analyst who can provide indepth report of players from a certain game, he sould come up with players weakness and what kind of mistake a player made in the previous match.

A tactical analyst should also be able to come up with a strong report on the opposing team, their weakness, style of player and how to counter the opposing teams tactics.

Youth Academies:

One of the most important feature as far as I am concerned is the ability to built and control youth acadmies. I know we have youth acadmies in the game already but I would like FM15 to give me more control of expanding acadamy and how to run it under my philosphy.

Taking coaching staff with you when you move clubs:

One idea I always wanted to have in the game is ability to have my own coaching staff and even when I move to other club, I can take my coaching staff with me.

New Training Engine:

One area i think FM15 cane do pretty well is introducing a few more changes in training engine, I would love to have following thing in my control over my teams training.

  1. Ability to see which player is happy with the current training regime and whos not.
  2. Squad Fitness: I should be able to know which player need more training and which player is lacking match fitness and stamina.
  3. Ability to put together a certain philosphy at the club, for example to setup a team which can player effective “tiki taka” there should be certain things we have to do in training. So that we are able to setup certain training drills which will help player fit in the clubs philosphy.
  4. After signing a new player, he sould need time to get gel together with team mates and fit in the gameplay the new club has and that is where training comes into play.

[ We will be posting more features which we would like to see in 2015 edition, meanwhile you can have your say about the features you are looking foward to see in FM 15, use the comment section below ]

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